an update….

Well, it’s a busy morning today. I am working on a large spreadsheet which I hope to finish today. I also updated my money stuff, printed some papers for my wife, and did some paperwork for the kid’s college stuff. But, I did not neglect to surf !

I found another warning about e-mail fraud and I will pass this link on as a public service.

Here is a humorous story at scrappleface, I realy enjoy reading scrappleface, and I recommend it for anyone interested in some sarcastic humor that reveals facets of the truth.


Drunken Sailors, Spending, and Congress

Here is a link to a conservative Christian magazine.


World Magazine

These are the folks I “love to hate” . Well, I don’t realy hate them. I am a Christian but most certainly not a conservative Republican type. I am very eclectic in my ideas. I actually agree with the Christian Right quite frequently, but they just seem to have a nack for annoying me. I dont like their tendancy to equate Capitalism, Republican, American with Christian. Often when people think “Christian” the first image they come up with is Jerry Falwell or some other TV preacher: I would prefer that this first image would be someone like St. Francis, Mother Teresa, or Detrich Boenhoeffer.

Well anyway, there was an interesting article in there that I read this morning.


Flex the Brain

The author opens with a statement “Christianity depends on reading. Therefore, Christians have to read” Well of course reading is a good thing, and also quite important. Yes, the Bible is God’s word and we do need to read it or at least hear it. I actually agree with much of what the author says but I do not like the way he seems to imply that being able to read is essential to being a Christian, this is just not true. Another aspect of the article that “jerked my chain” was how the author emphasised Bible reading over mystical experience or a person’s inner life. Yes, Bible reading is very important, but without an inner life, a person’s faith will not be very strong. Fianlly, I would add another compoent to the Bible reading and inner life; the Traditions of the Church are also very important.