some notes…..

……at work, just finished lunch. Not making a lot of progress today, keep getting interruptions, plus I am not real motivated today.

Here is a link to some articles about cloning that I saw this morning. This stuff is creepy. It is most certainly a grevious sin, and ought to be against the law too !

Here is a good one from ScrappleFace: the “morning before” pill and for men the “personal responsibility pill” Wow, who would ever think of such a thing ?

Here is a story about an ignorant fool who needs to learn about self control ! He assaulted a lady in a parking lot because she took too long at the checkout stand ! I say he needs a public ass whipping and then a year of Saturdays in an orange jumpsuit picking up trash along the road !

Police Probe ‘Checkout Rage’ Case

Finally, It seems that legal loan sharks operating under the guise of “free enterprise” are undermining the effectiveness of our Armed Forces, not to mention exploiting people in need ! Back in the day, when I was a soldier, some places were OFF LIMITS ! I guess they don’t do that anymore. I say that these predators should be put out of business immediately and their loans should be null and void retroactive to when they first started in business !