A Rant | Moving furniture at the office….

A couple weeks ago some people in my company got new office furniture. This furniture was delivered and placed by some movers. Anyway, several days prior to this the office manager had sent an email to everyone asking if anyone needed any of the old office furniture. I replied back that I would take a couple file cabinets. Well, I did not get any file cabinets, so I figured they had found a home for them.

This morning I got an email from the office manager asking if I could use a file cabinet in my buidling. I replied back, that, yes I could use it. The office manager replied back saying that I could find someone to help me move it from upstairs in her building over to my building, a distance of 100-200 yards.

I figure that I am getting too old to be moving furniture between buildings unless it is absolutly necessary. I replied back to the office manager that although I could use the file cabinet, I could also easily do without it and that I had no desire to move it. So. about a half hour later I get an email from the office manager stating that if I don’t take it, it will be thrown out.

So, why did they not do all the furniture moving when the movers were there ? I can understand that they might be reluctant to pay to have this file cabinet moved now. But, I think it is bizarre that they would pay to have it thrown away instead ! Well, hell, I guess I will be a furniture mover today ! I replied back to her that I would find someone to help me move the file cabinet.