in His care…..

I am your Creator. You were in my care before you were born.
Isaiah 44:2

For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.Psalm 139:13-14

It is awsome to contemplate how God is always there with us. Some would say that nothing matters because God has it all planned out. I don’t think that way; Even tough God created me and everything else, with a purpose, I still know that I do have free will. This is something one cannot fully comprehend, the best thing to do is to love and trust God.

What about all the bad things that happen ? Did God do that ? No, God only does good. Again, we cannot figure this out completely. But listen ! God, the Incarnate Son suffered the effects of every evil that ever was or would be…

So no matter how bad things are, God is there with us.

thoughts about technology….

My Mother used to say that “television is the ruination of the family”. When we were kids she used to get mad at us when we would be watching TV and she would be trying to tell us things but the TV had our full attention ! Sometimes she would stand in front of it or even turn it off and we would howl about that, but she had our full attention then.

I wonder what she thinks about the internet ? She has seen me on my laptop either working or web surfing, but somehow I think the whole idea of the internet is totally foreign to her. My Ma grew up out in the country, no phones, and their electricity was from a windmill: the change in technology from her childhood to now is just astonishing.

Well speaking of technology, I ordered a Palm PDA phone today, should be in by Monday. I resisted the whole idea of cell phones until about a year or so ago. I got my kids ones, but not for me. Well they upgraded and gave me one of the old ones. It does come in handy sometimes, but I never really learned the gory details of all the features. Well now I will have my own PDA phone, hopefully I will be able to learn all the features.

Another example of technological change: the phone we had when I was a little kid was plain, black, permanently attached to the wall, and had neither dial nor buttons. To use it, you picked it up and told the operator who you wanted to call.

the truck that got away…..

Yesterday we went to the Ford dealer in Frederick to buy the truck we had looked at over the weekend. Well, we did not buy it, because the interest rate was way too high……over 10% !

Being a very task oriented 1-track mind kind of guy, I was not at all happy ! My task had been to buy the truck; we came close, but did not do it. Once I decide something needs to be done, I want it done immediately. Sweetous is different, she looks around, and takes her time. However, once she makes up her mind about something, she is very ornery ! Well, Sweetous did not like that interest rate at all !

So both of us are stubborn ! We had verbal fireworks driving back home. She told me that we could buy a new truck with 0% interest ! So, I posed the question to her — why have you been looking at used trucks when you can get a new one at lower interest & the same monthly payment ? She did not really have an answer to that, so I think we are going to get a new truck, not a used one.

Anyway, I am glad she balked at that interest rate ! Sometimes it is good to have a recalcitrant woman. She is my sweetie & I love her.

Now I pose the question– How can they sell any used vehicles when the interest on new ones is so low ?

Busy as usual…..

..this has been an outrageously busy weekend !

I dont even remember anything about Friday. Saturday was choir practice in the morning. then we went shopping for a truck. Saturday evening was the cantata performance. Today I went to church and after the service another cantata performance. This afternoon and evening I have been helping Sweetous with her school work. She has been busy too; in addition to her school work, she has been house sitting all last week and this weekend was working a dog kennel. Of course, we both have regular jobs too !

Oh well, at least we wont get bored, we have plenty to do.

Singing and truck shopping….

I just got back from singing in the Cantata. So yes, I am tired. We had a good performance though. This morning we had practice, and this afternoon Sweetous and I went prowling around car lots looking at trucks. We found a nice one which we will likely buy on Monday. Gawd, we test drove another one that handled like an old Army truck, we wont get that one !

Too much computer time….

At work I toil all day building giant spreadsheets, so I am at the computer most of the time. To break the tedium of spreadsheet construction, I web surf off & on during the day, and yes, I do blog at work.

I just got back from a lunch time walk; it is a beautiful day ! I am a little bit tired today, ’cause I stayed up ’til 11:00pm prowling around the internet. My wife says I spend too much time on the computer, and I think she is probably right. I must say that there is something compelling about the internet. Not sure what or why exactly.

Ok, I better do some more work now. I finished a big spreadsheet before lunch that I had been working on for a couple days. Now I will start doing some revisions on another one.

A Spreadsheet Wizard’s work is never done…..

All about my pets….

My wife is a veterinary tech and we are both retired from the Army Veterinary Service.She works as a lead tech at a research facility, and together we do pet sitting for people. Doreen also goes with a Veterinarian on house calls. So, we have some experience with pets.

We have 3 micro Dawgs: 2 chihuahuas and 1 mini pin. We also have 2 cats. Continue reading