All about my pets….

My wife is a veterinary tech and we are both retired from the Army Veterinary Service.She works as a lead tech at a research facility, and together we do pet sitting for people. Doreen also goes with a Veterinarian on house calls. So, we have some experience with pets.

We have 3 micro Dawgs: 2 chihuahuas and 1 mini pin. We also have 2 cats.

One of the cats is called Herbie and his has been blind since he was a kitten. We have had Herb about 15 years, he was a sick and injured semi-feral cat in Germany; we adopted him and brought him back with us. Her does not like to stay in the house for very long. Even though he is blind, he roams all over the place and always comes back. He even kills things from time to time. Herb took it upon himself to run off during hurricane Isabelle: he returned after about 3 weeks, we thought he had been killed. He is a good cat.

This past week, we took care of a someone’s animals: 3 cattle, 3 horses, 3 flocks of chickens, 3 parrots, and a plethora of cats. I enjoyed letting the parrots pirch on my arm.

well, now you know all about my pets !