sunday update….

I had a nice full day today. We went to church this morning and it was fairly intense. Today was Pentecost so we had confirmation today. Watching the kids make their confirmation made me think about my own confirmation, my daughters’ baptisms and the promises we make to live in God’s covenant. Then we also had prayers for soldiers because today is memorial day; so I got a little bit choked-up a couple times. I was also pleased that the Pastor actually used a Prayer of Thanksgiving in the Liturgy today instead of the truncated version that he had been using. (so anyone reading this can see that I am somewhat of a traditionalist)

After service we had Sunday School with some good discussion, but I would be hard pressed to remember much of it now.

After Sunday School Sweetous and I went to the mall for a while. She bought some decorative stuff at a gift store and I bought a Linux book with CD’s at Walden. I want to install Linux on LB’s old laptop which she has managed trash with all sorts of viruses and other junk that ¬†prowls about the internet looking for computers to infest.

an unsettling dream…..

I woke up this morning, somewhat startled from a dream I had (or was having). From time to time I have a memorable dream, and I want to start recording them whenever I can. One thing I am curious about is how long a dream lasts: hours or mere minutes ? I am also curious about possible meanings of dreams; always an area ripe for speculation.

Anyway, I dreamed that my Dog (Roxanne the min-pin) somehow managed to scramble over our fence into the neighbors yard. this in itself is quite astonishing in that the fence is about 6 ft high and a mini-pin belongs to the class of micro-dawgs. I had to get dressed and walk around the fence to where the gate was and then search for her in the neighbor’s large yard. I was unable to find her.

Later on, I was in the commissary after closing and I looked out through the glass door and saw Roxanne on a leash with a stranger. I pounded on the glass but was unable to get their attention. I was locked in the store and soon Roxanne and the stranger were gone. Then I woke-up.

Loosing the moral high ground….

The Washington Post website displays a picture of an Iraqi prisoner in chains with an American MP dog apparently ready to bite him. I saved a copy of this pic in my gallery.

If there is an unruly mob that won’t settle down: then certainly, by all means, bring on the dogs ! But to threaten a chained-up man with a snarling police dog is an outrageous sin against God and a disgrace to humanity !

When we went into Iraq, we had the moral high ground. Hussein was such a wicked man that he was fair game to anyone who wanted to go after him. We are rapidly loosing any claim to the righteousness of our cause because of the outrageous things we have been doing to the Iraqi prisoners.

an update…..

We are having an terrific thunderstorm; the power has kicked off and back on about 6 times, and I have visted the breaker box in the dark recesses of the cellar 3 times this evening. Hopefully my surge protector is up to all of this mess.

Today was a busy day off. I had some appointments and then went to Borders for a while. LB and her friends from college are here along with Piglette; so I have a full house, which is cool, but hopefully they will hold the noise down when I goto bed.

visting parents….

I am visiting my ma right now. We had breakfast and then went to the flea market to see Dad. My parents like to go to auctions and flea markets and buy stuff. Then they clean it up and fix it as needed and sell it in their yard sale or my Dad takes it to the flea market to sell. I suppose that someone buys it and then takes it somewhere else to sell — Recycling !

Some thoughts….

I am at work, on my second cup of coffee. I am nearly finished with the spreadsheet I started yesterday. So, I think I will take a blog break !

This morning I was quite hungry and the pantry was bare, so I decided to grab something on the way to work. I stopped at a Jewish deli near the metro and got a bagel sandwich with egg, cheese, and some sort of “mystery meat”. I would have preferred bacon, but of course that is not available at a jewish deli. Anyway, it was a good sandwich.

I read a news story this morning about the bad health effects of a fast food breakfast In the study they fed people a breakfast of an egg mcmuffin and a sausage mcmuffin from McDonalds

Now, that is a BIG breakfast. I really don’t care for “Mickey D’s” all that much. In theory a bacon, egg and cheese bisuit sounds pretty mouthwatering, but my usual experience is to get a semi-warm slab of yellowish congealed protein along with some fiberous substance that superficially resembles bacon, and some cold half melted “cheese substance” all on a half-baked semi-soggy roll. Yummy !!

I like to have a manly breakfast on weekends at Bob Evans. I have a big platter full of eggs, bacon, sausage, taters along with a cinnamon roll, all washed down with a tall glass of milk ! That’s what I like. I try to have this at least once a week ’cause I am taking Zocor pills for cholesterol and I don’t want to waste them, so I make sure they have something to work on !

Ok, in other matters, I saw a news story about prisoner abuse pictures. The Senators are debating whether or not to make the pictures public. They say that they are even worse that what is already out there. Although the pictures will no doubt be degrading to the prisoners, and they will be shocking, and they will also be titillating to our base desires: I say we should make them public. The reason I say this is because the only way to fight evil is to be relentless in exposing it. If it is covered up, allowed to hide, it will fester like a malignant cyst. We must root out and expose this stuff wherever and whenever it is found.

I wrote in an earlier blog that all people are quite capable of doing gross evil. Here is an article from USA Today article that explains it all quite well: citing the famous psychologist Philip Zimbardo.

a rant….

Here is a good article from CT Weblog about the abuse scandal in Iraq. The Vatican has roundly condemned us and the article also made an excellant point that the female soldier in the notorious picture ought not to have been working as a guard in a men’s prison camp — excellant point I say !

Another scandal Mercenaries fill U.S. void in Iraq
I have said it before and I will say it again: There is no place for a contractor in the military other than washing dishes & taking out the trash !

Finally, an outrageous crime has been perpetrated by the Islamists: Beheading

We need to hunt these people down and totally destroy them wherever they are. Anyone harboring them are fair game for destruction also.

How could this happen ? What went wrong ?

…with all the talk lately about the prisoner abuse going on in Iraq, so many are asking “how could this happen?” what went wrong ?”

The Chain of Command & the Geneva Conventions are indeed important, but we must also look inside ourselves. We are often repelled by things that actually exist withing our own selves. The psychologist Carl Jung called this the Shadow…..

Look into the abyss of any human soul and you will see two pairs of eyes staring back at you: the Image of God and the Evil One. There is a cosmic battle being waged in everyman. If one relies on one’s own Ego for guidance, the Evil One will in the end win out….

We all need help ! Jesus Christ is my final answer..

Some good pills….

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon to get something for this God-awful poison ivy rash I picked up over the weekend. He gave me an Rx for Cortisone pills, Benedryl pills, and a Cortisone cream. I picked this stuff up about 4:30 pm.

Anyway, the cortisone starts out 3 times a day for 2 days and winds down to nothing after about 10 days or so. Well, this rash is really annoying and I wanted to get 3 pills in on Monday, so I rather than start today and space them out evenly over the day; I took the 3 pills over a period of abot 4 hours plus a double hit of benedryl !

Let me tell you ! I was wasted ! After taking the last pill about 8:30 I sat down at the computer to perhaps do blog. It was all over, I just started laughing like a fool, eyes watering and felt a tingle all over ! Gawd, that was some powerful stuff !

Well, now it’s morning. I feel pretty good. Just a bit tired and a funky stomach. The rash has improved dramatically, which is good !

weekend recap…..

….the weekend has been a blur, I dont even remember what went on on Friday. Saturday I did part of the laundry and I went to Borders for a while. Today I went to church, Sweetous missed today ’cause she had a meeting with a client.

Now I remember what I did on Friday, I took the day off work because we got a new heating system installed. The old one was pretty beat up, this one is so clean and new looking, it has a certain severe beauty about it. I did notice a pipe that has a reallly small leak, hardly noticeable, but it is there. I will have to get someone to come and fix that. I hope I can get them on a Saturday, I try to avoid taking time from work.

I like my new PDA phone, especially to play Tetris ! I did an intellisync with my hotmail stuff on Friday nite, I tried again today, but now I can’t get the intellisync to work. This stuff is cool, usefule, and also very frustrating at times.