weekend recap…..

….the weekend has been a blur, I dont even remember what went on on Friday. Saturday I did part of the laundry and I went to Borders for a while. Today I went to church, Sweetous missed today ’cause she had a meeting with a client.

Now I remember what I did on Friday, I took the day off work because we got a new heating system installed. The old one was pretty beat up, this one is so clean and new looking, it has a certain severe beauty about it. I did notice a pipe that has a reallly small leak, hardly noticeable, but it is there. I will have to get someone to come and fix that. I hope I can get them on a Saturday, I try to avoid taking time from work.

I like my new PDA phone, especially to play Tetris ! I did an intellisync with my hotmail stuff on Friday nite, I tried again today, but now I can’t get the intellisync to work. This stuff is cool, usefule, and also very frustrating at times.