tuesday’s notes….

…..hard at work, slaving over a hot spreadsheet, but not making as much progress as I would like — too many interruptions……

I went for a walk at lunchtime today, really nice day. I saw a restaurant that I had not seen before — pasta specialties !! yummy !

I think I will get lunch there tomorrow.

….so what’s been festering in my mind these past few days ?….

all sorts of stuff, but I’ve been too lazy or too busy to write it down. I shall try and be more prolific in my writing…….

woe is me

well, I had a tooth pulled and another one filled. I am wasted from the pills they gave me, but it still hurts! Hope to be better in the morning. My dentist tells me I need a bridge ! Gawd, I cant afford all this stuff, but I really could use some better teeth. I will have to think about it and figure out how to pull this off.

some notes…

..wow, another hectic weekend gone by. Friday was lurk in the chatrooms night, stayed up ’til 2:00am. Sweetous gave me hell. said I need to get more sleep. I think she is right. Saturday, I did some house cleaning and helped Sweetous with her homework, and I went to bed early. Sunday, off to church and went to my office to catch-up on some work.

I started the day out right today, went for a long walk before work. I really do need to be more consistent in getting some exercise. Today I started a new project at work, a set of 8 tapes for a homeowner loss. I am about 75% complete on tape # 1 as of right now…..

When I signed on to journalspace today I saw an invite to the 20 questions site, so I signed up for an account there.

Later this afternoon, I have a dental appointment. I am really looking forward to it !

a bitch session…

…yes I have an enormous case of the ASS right now ! So, let me fan the fires of my wrath and perhaps they will dissipate……..

item # 1 — LB & her bank

she let her balance drop to zero and now she is being charged an overdraft fee every couple of days ! I am partly to blame here ’cause I had told her before to ignore and the bank would close the account when if it had a zero balance — not true !

anyway, I noticed that she was getting mail from the bank nearly everyday, so I broke down and opened her mail (LB is at college) and discovered this problem. I called her and told her to get the account closed. she tried but the bank insisted on a personal visit rather than over the phone — which would be difficult since she is away at school.

I visited her bank and they told me to have her call and send a letter. She called today and the bank informed her that her account was still being used. LB informs me of this, so I tell her to report the card was lost or stolen.

Later LB calls me back and sid the bank wants the account balance to be sero befor ethey close it – so I deposit $60

Hopefully this will take care of that problem. I am not at all pleased with this bank amd I would certainly not reccomend them, although perhaps they are all bad……

item # 2 — Piglette & her Student Loan

so, anyway Pig decied to change colleges, which has caused additional paperwork, which of course is a BIG PAIN IN THE ASS ! She needs to do an exit interview with the loan people on the web in order for the college she attended this past term to release her transcripts to the new school. She has been having trouble with this and the Administration at Villa Julie has not been very helpful — or perhaps Piglette is misunderstanding some stuff. I am going to try and get this stuff resolved tonite or tomorrow — hopefully, I can figure it all out ! Dam it !

I would like to visit the CEO of the bank and someone from Villa Julie and make like the Sherrif on Walking TallCARRY A BIG STICK !!!

…….of course all of this was going on while I was trying to do some of the MASSIVE PILE OF WORK that they pay me to do……..

…..well gotta go now, Sweetous is here and we are going to buy a new car…….

……..for Piglette


…..well I’ve neglected my blog ! Oh no !

……anyway, realy busy weekend. I don’t even remeber much of Friday, except I shipped 20 boxes of old files to the archives. I think I sleazed around the Yahoo and IRC chatrooms on Friday nite……

……so Saturday, I remember helping Sweetous with her college stuff and we also had 2 free-lance jobs: one was sweetous watching a dog and house sitting over nite, the other was feeding and clean up at the Siberian Husky kennels. Those are some nice dogs. The German Shepherd we watched was also nice, I took him on his walk…..

…..missed church Sunday ’cause of the logistics of working the 2 jobs. Sunday afternoon went looking at cars with Piglette. Sweetous says if we get a new car, she want’s to give it to Piglette ! GOSH, my Dad never gave me a car ! Oh well….

….so today I finished a tape, and started another. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one project. Of course there is more in the pipeline – it never stops. well, at least it makes unemployment unlikely…..

….one of the ladies at work was telling me about her church. Check the website, and if you like quizzes, try the Old Testament Challenge. It seemed like a good church, but really too informal for my own tastes – I tend to be a high chruch liturgical, with a dash of charismatic thrown in……

….got this in email at work today…..

Please be advised of the new DC law, effective July 1, 2004: On January 6, 2004, the DC Council passed a new legislation to fine ANYONE using a cellular phone WITHOUT a hands-free device while driving in DC. The fine of $100.00 and 1 point becomes effective July 1, 2004. This law applies to ALL drivers in the city, regardless of whether or not you live in DC. Please remember to pass this along to ALL drivers in your household (spouse, children, etc.). See the attached bill from the Council’s web site.

I guess people better keep the cell phones in their cases while they drive, GOOD IDEA !!

LB has been having problems with her bank lately, I’ve been trying to help sort it out. Look for a blog on sleazy banking practices soon, assuming I have the time to post one…..

friday update

I am here at work, slogging away at the never ending pile of stuff……

so, anyway, I thought the sickness I had on Sunday was gone, but it retruned with a vengance on Wednesday nite. I had a hell of a coughing fit that left me breathless and now I have sore ribs ! I went to the Doctor this morning and he told me I have a cold. A COLD ! well hell, that means I’m stuck with it for at least another week. I almost wish he had told me that I had a massive bacterial infection of the lungs or pneumonia. Even though that would be more serious, at least it can be killed with massive doses of antibiotics. A cold is just gonna be there until it decides to go away. Oh well, at least I got a free bottle of robitussin as part of the deal.

I have never watched American Idol but I have heard that it can be rather rude, crude, and brutal to the loosers. I generally take dim view of shows like this. Other examples would be Survivor and The Apprentice. I think this type of shows tends to bring out the worst in people and some of the so called “reality” shows certainly have little if anything to do with reality.

So when I saw this story about a new Cristian version of American Idol I just had to look and see what was going on.

“It is our goal to wrap God’s message — His love — in acceptance, and in a way that blends seamlessly into ‘pop’ culture while still upholding the values we, as Christians, value most,” Wright Generation’s mission statement reads.

Well, the idea of Christian values blending seamlessly with pop culture is dubious at best. Contrast American Idol or The Apprentice with “blessed are the meek” or “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth…….”

update: cars & headcold

…. been working diligently all day and nearly finished with the goal I set for today; the fact that it was smaller than I thought has proven to be helpful.

I am feeling much better than sunday, but it is still lurking in the background, I must be careful ’cause it is very hot and humid this can aggrivate sinus problems and such.

My car A/C is not working, I took it to the shop for an estimate. They tell me I have a broken hose and need a recharge, that it will cost $400.00. I declined the offer.

Sweetous told me the other day though, that she won’t tolerate a car without A/C. So I will talk with her about it. I suppose I could get it fixed, but the car is 4 years old now. The only problem is that I still owe 6K on it.

I will consider trading it in for a new car; will have to see what kind of deals I could get. If I could get the same or slightly higher payment, that would be a viable option. I really like the Pontiac Vibe while Sweetous is partial to the Subaru Baja. I note that the Baja is much more expensive than the Vibe; and really, I prefer the Vibe. We will have to discuss it.

Perhaps we will decide to fix the car we have now, or perhaps just do without A/C. It’s all up in the air now. Of course if I really wanted to spend some money, I would get a Solstice or perhaps a Toy Car; but Sweetous would get a BIG ASS TRUCK. We’ll see what happens, stay tuned !

a sunday blog…

I really feel like hell today, some sort of virus I suppose. My sinus are in an uproar, asthma, some activity in the stomach, and I just feel so lethargic. I am disappointed ’cause I was looking forward to the church picnic today. Well, some other time I suppose.

Well, a couple days ago LB (my elder college daughter) told me her car’s “check engine” light was on. I told her to change the oil and don’t worry about it. That did not sit well with her.

I am totally not a “car guy” but I have had experience with the “check engine” light. I have taken cars to mechanics and paid them to tell me they don’t know why the light is on. I have also driven cars for years with the “check engine” light on. I really don’t have money to spend on cars unless it is very necessary.

So, LB called me today and told me that Uncle Brian had paid to get her car fixed. I asked her what was done and how much it cost. She proceeded to go through a list of things and told me it was $300.00. Of course she made sure that I understood that Uncle Brian was nice and, of course, I was not.

Well, I pointed out several things to her. First I told her about my experiences with the “check engine” light and that it really didn’t seem to matter that much. Then I mentioned that it is not at all difficult for a car repair place to find $300.00 worth of things that a car “needs”.

So, anyway, I have nothing against my brother, but LB’s remarks do annoy me. I am several years older than Brian and we live far apart, so we are not real close, but I have no problems with him. I told LB that her aunt and uncle most likely had a higher income than we do, and no kids. I am supporting 2 kids through college, so I don’t have a lot of money to throw around.

I told LB that we had paid for her car, and were putting her through school, so she really had no grounds to complain. Come to think of it, I also just got her a new computer ’cause her’s was trashed from virus and stuff, and was crashing all the time; I have it sort of fixed now and Sweetous uses it. I mentioned to LB that many people are homeless, hungry, etc, and she has it pretty darn good !

LB has good qualities, she is on the Dean’s list for one thing. She is also frequently very unpleasant to deal with. I wish she would be nicer. Seems to me that she has been decling in some ways since she was 16 or so. I don’t really know what to do, I guess I should pray for her of course, and I must also remember that no one is perfect and try to refrain from being harsh or judgemental

the problem of evil…

Checking my email this morning I found an article from Christianity Today that deals with human evil.

Evil is something of which I have an acute awareness: both inside myself and in the world in general. It seems to be a ubiquitous presence: and it is because it dwells inside every human being.

A quote from the article:

Human evil remains a mystery. Somewhere in each of us there is a potential for evil. (See Romans 3:10-18, where Paul piles high the Old Testament teachings on human depravity.) Call it the Lord of the Flies factor. Novelist William Golding said that his book’s theme was “an attempt to trace the defects of society back to the defects of human nature.” Without the restraining influence of God’s grace, we are all prone to mistreat others. We are, as Augustine put it, bent in on ourselves, and this spiritual deformity means that we are likely to mistreat others. Thus we should not be surprised by outbreaks of human evil. We are, however, shocked and outraged, and rightly so.

and another….

Stanford psychologist Zimbardo demonstrated that “deindividuation” techniques, measures that obscure an individual’s identity and provide a degree of anonymity, are a common thread in the tapestry of human evil. But Christians know that they are never anonymous before God, and practicing the presence of God should be a powerful deterrent to abuse and a motivator for compassionate action.

The 2nd quotation reminds us that God sees it all ! Unfortunately, it seems that often times people don’t care that God sees it all, they will do as they wish anyway.

The final 2 verses in Ecclesiastes say it well; being simultaneously frightful and full of hope !

The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God, and keep his commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone. For God will bring every deed into judgement, including every secret thought, whether good or evil.

Lord have mercy on us poor sinners ! I am counting on Christ, on who or what are you counting ?


Gawd, still swamped at work. I think I will go in tomorrow for a while and at least start to catch up. This evening Sweetous and I went to take care of some farm animals. Sweetous is watching her boss’s livestock this weekend. So a little extra cash comes our way !! I sure did get mud on my shoes chasing the guinea hens around the barnyard; it is really damp and miserable today, but that is better than excessive heat. Well, gotta go now, Sweetous needs me to go over her homework for her…


….just wanted to update the blog here. I neglected to do so yesterday, so I will make sure I get at least a little post in here today……

I am at work, just finished my lunch from Chicken Out. It was damn good ! I had a turkey & havarti sandwich and a funny little salad with pasta & miscellaneous veggies and “stuff”. Good stuff ! I went for a good walk before lunch and now will likely get sleepy at my desk after a walk and a big lunch ! Oh well. My goal today is to finish this tape I was transcribing, and I probably will. They gave me a helper at work, a high school kid. I have him packiing boxes of old files to send to the archives. This is a good thing ’cause I was running out of space to store this stuff. Sometimes I think a lot of it ought to be stored in the dumpster, but that is way above my paygrade.

well, that will be all for now, but if I get time I may have some good stuff to add later…..

stand by……


Yes, well I guess I will summarize my day….

I went to church this morning, Sweetous stayed home ’cause she not feeling well. Pastor Ray did a good job with the sermon today: he denounced abortion and gay marriage in no uncertain terms. Sometimes lately his sermons have seemed like random rambling, but not today.

Most of the folks at church have been doing the 40 Days of Purpose program. In Sunday School this morning we discussed our thoughts about the program. I said that nothing earth shattering had happened in my life, but I still thought it was a worthwhile program. Most everyone thought the same way; some were annoyed that the program had been hyped so much and they were somewhat disappointed. It’s true that there was a lot of hype, but anyone with a program is going to promote it, that’s OK. I think the 40 Days program is like anything else — the results you get depend a lot on the effort you put into it. I gotta confess that I have been somewhat lax in my efforts, but still I am glad I participated. I figure that any time / effort spent on spiritual growth is worthwhile – certainly better than no effort at all.

I went to Borders this afternoon with a 25% off the price of 1 book coupon. Well I did a lot of browsing, but nothing really “jerked my chain” so I didn’t buy a book. I did see a little notebook that I liked. I kept debating whether or not to get it ! I was not sure if the coupon was good on notebooks or not. Anyway I finally decided I was expending way too much energy debating about this ! So I decided to go home. I can get one anytime if I decied to, and hell they are only $10, I really can’t explain why I was debating with myself so much — really irrational I think. Oh well, no one is pefect.

Hey, I think that will be all for tonite….

finishing the day….

….after I had breakfast and did some house cleaning, Sweetous sent me out to buy a Honeybaked Ham. Our PDL study group is going to have a dinner this coming week, and we volunteered to bring Ham. Yummy !!

anyway, speaking of yummy….

Yesterday I had a bizzarre craving for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonalds. Normally I take a rather dim view of MD’s cuisine, but for some reason I craved that particular entree. So, I got one along with fries and it was quite tasty – I enjoyed it. Well, this afternoon I again felt a lusting after a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and again I procured said item along with fries and brought them home. I sat down at the table and with eager anticipation bit into the QP…..

GAWD ! it was cold ! and stale !!! must have been sitting out for several hours, and the fries were likewise in very sorry condition. So, I guess my infatuation with Mickey D’s has been cured for the time being.

On the bright side: my micro-Dawgs thoroughly enjoyed the burger and fries.

This evening I went out and had a milk shake and then went to Borders and looked at various books.

Now I am getting tired and will go to bed soon…

notes for today…

Should a man with ADD do spreadsheets / data entry for a living ? Sometimes it’s a struggle, but I do have free range of the building to prowl around.

Anyway, this morning I think there is more at work than my usual ADD. I feel very lethargic and my eyes are watering like a fountain ! Must be some sort of allergies, although to what I have no clue. I had a good night’s sleep last night and the dogs were good, so I won’t blame it on lack of sleep. I am used to having sinus’s but this morning they were fairly annoying and I had a sneezing fit driving to work this morning. Normally I don’t have watering eyes. So anyway, I took a good hit of sudafed when I got to work and I am on my 2nd cup of coffee. Hopefully the watering eyes and lethargy will go away soon.

I suppose I could goto the doctor, but I hate doctor visits and most of the time it makes little or no difference. Well, I am sure I will improve later today. So, let’s just keep on keepi’n on !