clarissa shows it all…

Ok, that is a play on words with the title of a 1990’s Nickelodian TV show. This post has nothing to do with that show. I suppose a good title would be “If you show it to me, I will look at it”

At work today I was making some inquiries of our 20 something receptionist. She is good looking, and today she was wearing a very short, tight dress which with one wrong move would expose her panties – assuming she was wearing any.

Being a red blooded American dirty old man – of course I looked. Actually I was a bit uncomfortable because I could see that she was trying to keep everything covered while she squirmed around in her chair getting papers etc. But of course it was also rather amusing to watch this. I find it strange (ironic ? not sure of the right word here) that women so often dress so that they attract attention to themselves, and they will also often express negative feelings about men looking at them. Why would a woman wear a dress to work in which she is very likely to expose her panties ???

There have been a couple of occasions where I saw everything when I least expected it. Once I was in my car in a parking lot and I looked out the window and saw a girl (16-20 age range) sitting on the curb in front of a store, legs spread wide. She was wearing very short, loose fitting, flimsy running shorts: the type of shorts which allows the buttocks to hang out the bottom. So anyway, with her legs spread wide and her knees up, I saw IT yes, THAT ! I do mean everything !

Of course, being the “pig” that I am my eye locked on to IT like a stinger missile to an aircraft !! I do want to be clear that I was not staring or being a voyeur, this whole encounter lasted less than a minute. Anway, she had mental radar detector. When she saw me, she gave me a an awful look and her knees came down and her legs clamped together like a steel trap, and it was all over.

Yes, I can understand that she was embarrassed, but it boggles my mind that she put herself in to such a position ! Why in the hell is she wearing such skimpy shorts (like tap pants) sitting all spread out in a shopping center parking lot in broad daylight ? Blows my mind !

I will be honest though, I like to look at women even when they are well dressed. I hate to mention it, but church is a great place to look at women. A couple weeks ago there was a lady in front of me, quite shapely, wearing a translucent white blouse and a very form fitting black skirt: quite a distraction for me really. Men like to look at women, God made us that way and of course he made women in such a manner that they are attractive for us to look at. Part of the mystery of life, however there is a point at wich the looking ceases to be OK and becomes a sin – and the point at which this occurs is not always clear or precise.

There is a book and website that deals with sexual obsession and misbehavior among Christian men. The main theme is that – men like to look at women, and the way to avoid falling into sexual sin is — DON’T LOOK ! Good advice, I suppose but easier said than done, Here is a link to another web site dealing with this subject from a somewhat different point of view, but still useful for Christians.