Some notes….

grrrrrl, someone left the gate open last night. Amyway, at least I still have all 3 of my micro-dawgs….

Dave has his truck now, he is very happy about that….

….so anyway, last nite I was in my computer room, minding my own business, lurking in a trashy chat room (which of course I shouldnt be doing anyway). Piglette knocks on the door and I let her in, she tells me about some of her school stuff etc. So, Piglette was almost ready to leave and then Tony comes in and asks if he can use the other computer to play games. I figure I can’t very well say “no, I want to sit in here by myself and lurk in trashy chat rooms and look at sleazey web sites” to my 18 year old house guest. So I tell him that he may have the computer and play games. I checked some e-mail and the news and then I went to bed. Well I guess this was God’s sly way of helping me sin less and get more sleep…..

….well tonite Dave & I will take Gina & Diane to the airport to return to Kalifornia. I hope this all goes without incident. I am leery of Diane, actually¬† I suppose there is potential here for any or all of them to have some sort of incident. we shall see how this all goes….

….was talking to Sweetous this morning, she tells me that none of the kids have been going to school. GAWD ! Kalifornia must have some very lax laws, in Maryland you cannot quit school ’til age 18 ! Sweetous and I can help some people who will cooperate with us, but we can’t do anything for someone who won’t work with us……

Ruminations about a strange lady….

…..this lady is enigmatic. Most of the time she seems to be the quintessential redneck bar girl, but on the other hand she seems like a young kid. Sometimes seems so kid-like that I am reluctant to leave her unsupervised. Yesterday I took the kids and Diane to the mall. We were walking through a dept. store and Diane was running around in the cosmetics section gleefully spraying all the various perfume samples, just like someone much younger would do. When I left them to go sit in the bookstore, I made sure I got Davey’s older sister, Loretta, to agree to keep an eye on him, I sure didn’t want to leave Diane in charge……

….so anyway I was talking with Loretta and she told me that Diane had Multiple Personality Disorder. This fits well with an observation I made: I walked past her when we were all out in the yard on Saturday, and I saw her covering her mouth, turning her head as if she was whispering to someone and I heard her say “…and there goes Dennis, He…….” On another occasion Sweetous told me she heard Diane talking to someone upstairs, but there was noone up there. and then there is my original observation that she is the quintessential redneck bar girl but also seems like a little kid sometimes…..

….all in all she is quite an interesting lady, and also a distraction. When I am around her it causes me to have a nostalgia for my “care free” 20’s when I was a hard drinking, hell raising “bad boy” But, not to worry, I don’t really want to go there again…….

Sunday afternoon….

…..missed church today ’cause was up very late last nite. I had to take Diane to the ER. Seems that David had told her that he decided to send her back, and this apparently precipitated a crisis or some acting out on her part. Anyway, she was very distressed and expressed a need to see a doctor, and so the trip to the ER…….

…..Dave, Loretta, Tony and Davey seem to be doing quite well. Sweetous took Davey shopping yesterday and got him some clothes: she said he was just beaming when he tried the stuff on. Diane & Gina are not doing so well, they stay off to themselves more and Gina wants to go back to her mother, Dave is planning to send her back this week…..

Arrival and introductions….

Yesterday Sweetous and and I went to the airport to pick up her twin brother David and his entourage. we found them fairly easily and then we began the trek on the metro leaving DC and going home to the outer reaches of Montgomery County. They were all alert, but tired and said they had not eaten in 2 days. The kids were impressed by the metro….

so anyway, let me introduce the people in my new found tribe…… Continue reading

independence day 2004…

……very busy today. I went to church this morning with my daughter Piglette. Then I went to help Sweetous with her pet / house sitting chores. After I finished with that, I left Sweetous & Piglette at home and I went to my office and transcribed a tape: pleased that I am making some progress in my big pile ! I hope things slow down a lttle bit anyway. So, then I went home and found that Sweetous and Piglette had rooted thru the attic finding old bunk beds etc in preparation for our new people in the house. The house is an atrociuos mess right now !! Sweetous and I will work on this tomorrow. So, then Sweetous and I did some more pet / house sitting chores, and then we tackled her homework for college: I am her official proof reader and editor…..

yes, a mighty busy day today was….

…driving home this evening I got a good view of the fireworks from the freeway. It was really strange: people were parked on both side of the freway watching the fireworks. That was very unsettling to drive thru: was dark as hell and people are parked and milling around on the edges of the freeway !!

Changes are coming…..

Sweetous, for the past couple weeks, has been talking about having her twin brother and his kids come to live with us. He is in the process of getting a divorce; his family life has been a mess for years, and He has been hospitalized for depression a couple times. Sweetous was always very close to her twin brother growing up, and now she wants to help him rebuild his life.

I agree with Sweetous that this is the right thing to do, but it will be a shock for me. Things will change from just me & Sweetous & our 2 girls sometimes to a whole clan ! We will have David & his “girlfriend”, a 12 year old son, a 15 year old daughter, and 18 year old daughter and her “boyfriend”. I am a little leery about the girlfriend and boy friend, but I will defer to sweetous here. I am not sure how involved the GF & BF relationships are, guess I will be finding out.

So anyway, change is coming !

Now, I better get to work on this spreadsheet,,,,,,