Arrival and introductions….

Yesterday Sweetous and and I went to the airport to pick up her twin brother David and his entourage. we found them fairly easily and then we began the trek on the metro leaving DC and going home to the outer reaches of Montgomery County. They were all alert, but tired and said they had not eaten in 2 days. The kids were impressed by the metro….

so anyway, let me introduce the people in my new found tribe……

David, twin brother to Sweetous, she immediately noticed that he was very thin. Dave is a good guy, Sweetous, Dave, and I were in the Army together in Germany a long time ago. Dave lost his job a while back in a downsizing incident, has had on going marital problems, and bouts of depression…..

Candi, estranged wife of Dave, who of course is not here with us.

Loretta,18, elder daughter of Dave & Candi sees to me to be quite intelligent, but alas, she is a high school drop out. She fixed supper for us this evening…….

Tony, 18, is Loretta`s friend and has been living with them for a while now. He seems like a good guy to me, I hav no idea why he is not with his parents. He is also a HS drop out. Tony and David did an excellant job cutting the grass and trimming today. Sweetous had Piglette drive Tony to her office for a job interview: Sweetous hopes her company will hire him because they need people. Her company has trouble with absenteeism and Sweetous figures that since Tony lives with us, she can ensure that he shows up for work…….

Gina, 15, David`s younger daughter clings to him, and she seems to be missing her mother. She does seem to be a decent enough kid, but her pants are way too tight, just like my own daughter LB !

Davey, 12, David`s son is very quiet, so far anyway. Tony told me he is just tired, that he was out in the yard playing today…..

Diane, 30 something, is David`s friend. She is a pretty lady, and has nice hips. She is the most enigmatic of the bunch. She is nice, but also very skittish. She has kids whom she does not have custody of, I have no idea what happened. Piglette has told me that she said she missed her kids. She likes to go on walks: I went out last night to retrieve her, I do think she was lost. She has sort of a child-like quality about her. She also does some very odd things: this afternoon she went on a walk wearing high heels and a tight black skirt that just barely covers her ass. She took Gina with her, which was an odd sight to say the least: a lady walking along the road in high heels and a micro skirt with a teenage girl alongside her. When Sweetous came home this evening I asked her if she saw them along the road, she said they were at the Ice Cream place in town. I mentioned to Sweetous that Diane looked pretty “good” in her micro-skirt. Sweetous poked me in the ribs and gave me a “look” and told me to gather up dirty clothes and help her do the laundry…..