Ruminations about a strange lady….

…..this lady is enigmatic. Most of the time she seems to be the quintessential redneck bar girl, but on the other hand she seems like a young kid. Sometimes seems so kid-like that I am reluctant to leave her unsupervised. Yesterday I took the kids and Diane to the mall. We were walking through a dept. store and Diane was running around in the cosmetics section gleefully spraying all the various perfume samples, just like someone much younger would do. When I left them to go sit in the bookstore, I made sure I got Davey’s older sister, Loretta, to agree to keep an eye on him, I sure didn’t want to leave Diane in charge……

….so anyway I was talking with Loretta and she told me that Diane had Multiple Personality Disorder. This fits well with an observation I made: I walked past her when we were all out in the yard on Saturday, and I saw her covering her mouth, turning her head as if she was whispering to someone and I heard her say “…and there goes Dennis, He…….” On another occasion Sweetous told me she heard Diane talking to someone upstairs, but there was noone up there. and then there is my original observation that she is the quintessential redneck bar girl but also seems like a little kid sometimes…..

….all in all she is quite an interesting lady, and also a distraction. When I am around her it causes me to have a nostalgia for my “care free” 20’s when I was a hard drinking, hell raising “bad boy” But, not to worry, I don’t really want to go there again…….