Some notes….

grrrrrl, someone left the gate open last night. Amyway, at least I still have all 3 of my micro-dawgs….

Dave has his truck now, he is very happy about that….

….so anyway, last nite I was in my computer room, minding my own business, lurking in a trashy chat room (which of course I shouldnt be doing anyway). Piglette knocks on the door and I let her in, she tells me about some of her school stuff etc. So, Piglette was almost ready to leave and then Tony comes in and asks if he can use the other computer to play games. I figure I can’t very well say “no, I want to sit in here by myself and lurk in trashy chat rooms and look at sleazey web sites” to my 18 year old house guest. So I tell him that he may have the computer and play games. I checked some e-mail and the news and then I went to bed. Well I guess this was God’s sly way of helping me sin less and get more sleep…..

….well tonite Dave & I will take Gina & Diane to the airport to return to Kalifornia. I hope this all goes without incident. I am leery of Diane, actually  I suppose there is potential here for any or all of them to have some sort of incident. we shall see how this all goes….

….was talking to Sweetous this morning, she tells me that none of the kids have been going to school. GAWD ! Kalifornia must have some very lax laws, in Maryland you cannot quit school ’til age 18 ! Sweetous and I can help some people who will cooperate with us, but we can’t do anything for someone who won’t work with us……