pet peeve…

……an item from my list of things tha piss me off A/K/A my shitlist !

…..waiting in line at the convenience store to pay for my coffee behind a person who is buying lottery tickets. People buying lottery tickets put a lot of thought into their purchase. It is best not to be behind them in the line.  This happened to me twice so far this morning: must be the BIG JACKPOT or POWERED BALLS day or some such thing…..

I say they ought to abolish lotteries ! They encourage greed and exploit the poor !

…..and worst of all I have to wait in line while they sell the damn tickets !

God is not…

Some people when they attempt to describe God will make statements about what God is not rather than trying to describe Him. The reason for this is that God is so beyond us that we cannot know everything about Him. Although it may seem obvious, sometimes we need to be reminded of what it is that God is not. Although I do support President Bush, I do so with reservations.

A good website to visit is the CT website. There is a lot of interesting things to read there.

Yesterday I wrote about war and I will share some comments from my Yahoo friend Rich who moderates a Catholic group at yahoo. In regards to the killing of women & children he says….

This is a war against people who have no army, but use civillians and terrorist tactices to break morale. Still the Just War principle to limit non combatent casualties must be abided by. Though frustrating, we cannot sink to the level of those who have no morals.

I agree with that, we must not allow ourselves to become as bad as they are.

thinking about war…

……waking up this morning, I was thinking about war. I have no clue as to why this was on my mind first thing in the morning, but it was, and the wheels in my head were turning…..

Generally speaking, I would say that if one is going to fight in a war, then it should be done with the utmost violence. The reason being to compel the enemy to submit and thus stop the war.

Classic warfare involves 2 armies, representing the opposing countries, fighting each other on the battlefield until 1 side surrenders. When the fighting is over the winner’s army occupies the looser’s territory and imposes order on the populace, using the minimum amount of violence to get the job done.

Contemporary conflicts don’t seem to follow the rules I just listed above. Resistance is not confined to the battlefield, rather it seems to be very widespread throughout the enemy population. Two current examples come to mind: the Palastinians vs Israel and the Shiite’s fighting the United States in Iraq. Neither of these groups has an army that can stand up to the U.S. Army, rather it seems that the civilians are fighting us.

How can we win such a war, when the enemy will not submit ? It seems to me that rather than fighting the enemy to make them submit, it may be necessary to totally destroy them. Either that or we just walk away, otherwise I think the fighting will go on forver.

It seems to me that the most effective, quick, and efficient way to destroy an enemy would be to kill as many women and children as possible: make them the prime targets, rather than the men. Once the women and children are gone, the men are doomed.

LORD HAVE MERCY, I shudder to even mention such a thing ! I certainly do not advocate or condone killing women and children, but it does have a certain cold logic to it……
perhaps we should just walk away, I don’t know, war is a terrible thing.


What would Jesus do ? How would he vote, Bush or Kerry ? This is what an article I just read asks.

Religion Experts Ask How Jesus Would Vote

Just a few miles from George W. Bush’s former office at the state Capitol, a panel of religious experts weighed a question with relevance to many people of faith: How would Jesus vote?
It’s a complex topic that can’t be boiled down to simple political terms, said religious leaders who attended a Texas Faith Network conference in Austin on Tuesday. Many at the conference voiced concerns that the religious right dominates discussions of faith and morality in politics. They complained that issues such as abortion and gay marriage seem to take priority over hunger, corporate crime and even the war in Iraq…….

Jesus is without a doubt  very unhappy with both of them ! Note that I say “Jesus is” not “Jesus would” Jesus is alive and well: He walked the earth as a man 2,000 years ago and now He is Lord of Heaven and Earth.
The liberals are of course correct when they emphasise that Jesus had compassion for the poor. This is very true. Throughout the entire Bible we can read about God’s concern for the poor and His displeasure with greed.

The conservatives are right when they condem abortion ! Jesus is the Lord of life, He does not approve of the murder of unborn babies !

Some (Kerry among them) say that faith is a private matter, and has no place in public affairs. This is wrong ! If your faith does not form your beliefs and actions, it is not of much use ! Jesus said that we are not to hide our light, rather we are to let our light shine before others so that they can see our good works and give glory to God. (Matthew 5:14)

So, what is a Christian to do ? That is a hard one to answer because both candidates leave a lot to be desired. Some would say we should shun the world and isolate ourselves, but that would be wrong ! Jesus wants us to implement the Kingdom of God, not hide from everybody !

My conclusion is to support President Bush because he opposes abortion which is an abomination to God. Although he tends to favor business interests over the needs of the poor, he is not entirely callous towards the needy.

It’s been a while since I mentioned anything about our extended family…..

Tony got a job where Sweetous works (a research lab). The pay is pretty good for an entry level no HS diploma job, around $11.00 per hour as I recall. It is also convenient as far as transportation goes. The drawback here is that Tony got bit by a monkey his first week there and is now on medication which makes him sick: he missed work yesterday, not sure what will happen today…..

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an update…

…it’s been a while since I mentioned anything about our extended family…..

…..Tony got a job where Sweetous works (a research lab). The pay is pretty good for an entry level no HS diploma job, around $11.00 per hour as I recall. It is also convenient as far as transportation goes. The drawback here is that Tony got bit by a monkey his first week there and is now on medication which makes him sick: he missed work yesterday, not sure what will happen today….. Continue reading

really hectic day…

….lots of rush rush jobs today. I also had a couple big spreadhseets that Dogette had worked on which I needed to go over with my fine tooth comb. I was working one of those when something happened…..

……some mis-step of the mouse, a stray byte from somewhere, who really knows. All of a sudden the formatting on this spreadsheet became totally trashed ! I kept poking around trying to figure out how to fix it, but no luck…..

…..I finally fixed it by copying all the data into a new spreadsheet and then formatting that ! Then I had a few more print jobs etc…….

….getting ready to shut it down ! I ordered a couple gigantic burgers from Ruby Tuesday’s for carry-out…..

….I will go with Sweetous tonite and stay with her & the dogs at the place she is house sitting. I will help her with her school work and then RELAX

something just hit the fan…

…..I just got a call from my oldest Daughter LB. She told me she got fired from her college job for keeping a blog at work ! She was extremely irritated when she called me. She told me that she is going to the University President to raise a gawd awful stink ! I told her to be careful to avoid doing anything that would get her arrested.

LB is a very headstrong girl, and when she tells you something she does not play nice or sugar coat anything. She will tell you exactly what she thinks and she can out swear any Drill Instructor I have ever run across. I did not read her blog, and she told me she killed it today, so I don’t know what was in there, but I guess it was blunt and sarcastic about her daily life at school. She let some of her co-workers read it, and somehow it got the attention of the wrong person.

I told her that I agreed with her that they were wrong to fire her, but I think when she calms down some I will tell her that she might have to be more careful or more diplomatic in the future in order to avoid getting into this type of mess.

LB can come across as being mean as a junk yard dog, but she also is very sensitive to having her feelings hurt. Well I hope she is OK……

…..and I heard from another frantic female right after I talked to LB. One of the Ladies from my office called me. She was at home or somewhere trying to do a search on an excell spreadsheet. She was unable to get it to work. She was very agitated, but fortunately I was able to solve her dilema over the phone…..