More family drama…..

……Sweetous picked me up after work today and told me that Tony had quit his job at her company. This is so irrational. He quit so that he could go to an interview for another place. The other place is farther away (Tony has no car) likely pays less, and has longr hours. Sweetous  told me that people frequently leave that place to come work at her place. So Sweetous is pretty pissed ! She had already told Tony he had to move out by the end of October, ’cause he was leaving lights on all the time and other stuff, and he was not giving us any money. Not only that, she sees him all day at work and then at home too, and Tony does have a gift for getting on your nerves. He is a very immature adolescent. I am not sure what he is thinking, he has been getting calls from mortgage lenders (we told him not to give out our phone number !) I don’t know what these loan officers are thinking !

I would like to see him gone immediately ’cause now that he will be unemployed and he is on his way out anyway, I am concerned that he will develop such a bad attitude that he does something stupid like trashing the computers or some such thing before he leaves.

Marvelous wonderful pills !

…..I have always been very prone to the acquisition of various and sundry bad habits and obsessions. Well,  when I had my latest oral surgery they gave me a bottle of percoset pills which is a mixture of tylenol and the narcotic: codine. They also gave me a big batch of giant motrin pills. Taken in combination they are pretty good for pain relief and they also tend to make one very mellow.  Well, hell ! I seem to have developed a fondness for the percoset / motrin cocktail.  I like taking them about an hour before I goto bed. Very relaxing, quite enjoyable in fact.  I better watch my step……..


…..this morning Sweetous, Piglette, and I went to church. David, Davey and Tony also went, Loretta did not go. I was surprised, but pleased to see Tony go. But i do think Tony’s days with us are numbered: Sweetous was very angry at him yesterday for leaving the lights and A/C on in his room all day while he was not in there. This has been a recurring problem, and Sweetous realy chewed his ass out last night and told him he was going to have to find somewhere else to live. and she is still adamant about him leaving. Continue reading

some notes….

…..well, today was really hectic at work, in fact all week was a whirlwind of activity. TGIF ! My mouth surgery seems to be healing now, but I still need to get appointments to start dealing with the hyperparathyroidism – doctors, doctors, lots of fun. Oh well, I am thankful to have good healthcare.

Today I saw a couple of articles on the web that got my attention. The first is the story of a   Muslim boy who had visions of the cross in his dreams at night and his quest to understand what they were all about. He lost his parents in war, and had quite a hard life. Eventually he met a Christian missionary who told him about Jesus and the cross – the young man became a Christian. It is amazing how God works over the course of a person’s life.

“My message to the Kurdish Muslim people is simple,” says Mustafa, eyes beaming. “If you want to walk the Straight Path to real blessing and joy, then you need to come to the Cross and meet the One who says to each of us: ‘Rise up, take up your mat, and walk.'” Continue reading

Thinking about the Foolish Rich Man….

In the parable of the rich fool (Luke chapter 12) Jesus tells us about a wealthy farmer who thought he had it made. He was very prosperous, and buillt more barns to store his wealth. He was so comfortable that he had no concern about God. He decided to sit back and gloat over his wealth – to eat, drink and be merry. But then God said to him “you fool ! this very night your life is being demanded of you. And the things you have prepared, whose will they be ?”

There comes a time when each of us will meet face to face with God. We don’t know when or how, but it will happen. Lately I have become very aware of my mortallity. I want to be ready to meet God, it could be this very night or I could live to be 100. I need to live each day ready to meet God, because in actual fact I am always in His presence, always on the edge of eternity. I need to stick as close to Jesus Christ as I can.

A brief ranting….

I waited for Loretta to get off work last nite so I could drive her home, she worked several hour longer than planned. It didn’t really bother me (as long as it does not become habitual) but Sweetous was not pleased about it.  Sweetous does seem to have a “hard on” for Loretta; she told me that Tony screwed up at work todayalso. I guess he better be careful.


The Ark of the Covenant contained the Torah, the written Word of God. To the Jews the Torah is more than just written words, it is the embodiment of the Living God. Mary consented to be filled with the Holy Spirit and thus became the Ark of the New Covenant in that she contained and gave birth to Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God. Jesus by his life, passion, death, and ressurection enables us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We who are baptised are filled with the Holy spirit and thus enabled to be little Arks of the New Covenant: by our living in the covnant of our Baptism we continue the Incarnation of the Word right here, right now.

Notes about our extended stay house guests…..

Tony & Loretta are getting on Sweetous’ nerves. Driving to work today Sweetous was telling me that she is very annoyed at Loretta ’cause she is so unmotivated: so far she seems uninterested in finding work or going to school. Another thing is she waits on Tony like she was his maidservant…..

Although Tony has a job, he still needs improvement. He plays loud music, even set up speakers on the deck to entertain the neighborhood. The goofy thing is though, he will have the outdoor speakers on and he is in the house or even goes somewhere ! So far the neighbors have not complained. I actually like loud music, but it can be overdone…… Continue reading