.....this morning Sweetous, Piglette, and I went to church. David, Davey and Tony also went, Loretta did not go. I was surprised, but pleased to see Tony go. But i do think Tony's days with us are numbered: Sweetous was very angry at him yesterday for leaving the lights and A/C on in his room … Continue reading Sunday….

some notes….

.....well, today was really hectic at work, in fact all week was a whirlwind of activity. TGIF ! My mouth surgery seems to be healing now, but I still need to get appointments to start dealing with the hyperparathyroidism - doctors, doctors, lots of fun. Oh well, I am thankful to have good healthcare. Today … Continue reading some notes….


The Ark of the Covenant contained the Torah, the written Word of God. To the Jews the Torah is more than just written words, it is the embodiment of the Living God. Mary consented to be filled with the Holy Spirit and thus became the Ark of the New Covenant in that she contained and … Continue reading Pondering….