an update….

…..just want to do a brief update on David and his family. Dave has been working about 3 weeks now, likes his job.  Davey seems to be doing well at school and he has started to go to Sunday School too. Loretta is coming back. Sweetous said she could come back but will have to pay $50 per week and if she leaves again, bye bye. Piglette agreed to let Loretta stay in her room if we give her the $50. Sounds like an easy way for a college kid to make some bucks.  We told Loretta to make sure she does not bring Tony along. Actually I think he dumped her. Good ! Tony was such a disorderly influence in the household. The worst problem now is Virginia, Dave’s youngest daughter who went back to her mom. Kandi has been living a nomadic lifestyle and Virginia is not going to school. I think this 15 year old has been truant for a year now. She will probably require some sort of intervention. I don’t know.

an update….

I was talking with Sweetous this morning. She told me that Tony was going back to his Parents and leaving Loretta stranded in Arizona (Nevada ?) Anyway, from what I hear, he is just dropping her.  So anyway, Sweetous was telling me that Loretta wanted to come back with us and get a job and either have Tony come here or she would return to him !!!!  We both agree that Loretta can back here, but not with Tony ! So I don’t know what will happen next….

Move out day….

…..Tony & Loretta are moving out today. It will be nice being less crowded but I do feel badly that they didn’t adjust here better. They are going to Tony’s Grandma in Arizona. I wish them well…..

Sweetous is cleaning, she has their beds tore apart already, she does not waste any time. So I suppose either today or tomorrow I’ll have to help haul them back up to the attic !

David and Davey are at the church for their guitar lessons.