….just taking it easy after a long day. I got up this morning and took Loretta to work. Then I went to the Navy Hospital to see if I could get LB’s pills — I lucked out and got them ! So, then I was going to have breakfast at Bob Evans, but the waiting list was 30 minutes — I decided to go to McDonalds instead. Well, I saved time, but the food was exceptionally bad, even for MD’s !

So, then I went to the bank and put $50 in Piglettes account. I should call my Dad and ask him to put some money in my account ! LOL ! Continue reading

some notes and scary medical stuff…

……fairly good day at work today except¬† that I kept getting interruptions to do print jobs for people. Oh well, I still got some stuff done.

I went to the Navy Hospital today to pick up some pills. I also remembered to order LB’s pills which I will pick up tomorrow. I need to make an appointment with my primary care doctor to go over my labs for cholesterol and BP pills, and I need to have the oral surgeon check out my giant cell granuloma.

Medical stuff is a time consuming pain in the ass, but I you gotta do it. I am 50 years old and my goal is to live to be 100 and still be walking around.¬† I used to try and stay away from doctors, but I suppose as I get older, if I want to continue to get older — I shall have to hang out with doctors ! Proabably ought to get rid of my beer belly too. Continue reading

very annoying software…

I have been getting very exasperated with this very annoying software !

Link: Horizon Wimba :: Accessible, Cross-Platform Virtual Classrooms, Web Meetings, Web Conferences, Web Seminars, Webcasts for eLearning, Online Meetings, Web Events, and Collaboration.

Grrrr !  Sweetous is enrolled in a BA program at Regent University, her program is all on-line.  She relies on me for technical help with the computer. I am a semi-geek, so most of the time I can help her pretty good. Tonight was a different story !

This Wimba software looks like it could be pretty interesting, but I tried to set it up for Sweetous tonight and so far we have been unable to get it to work properly. I tried with Firefox & MSIE, had problems with both. Then I wanted to start all over, but could not find where on the website I had started from before ! Growl ! I know that I am more geeky than most people, I like to play around with software. So, if I am having so much trouble with this, I can only imagine the trouble some of the other people in Sweetous’ class must be having.

Hell, I think they would be better served by using Yahoo Messenger ! Well, I hope we can get this thing working right in a few days anyway…….

my pets…

have 3 micro-dawgs and 2 domestic felines.

Ginger the chihuahua is the oldest. We got her as a puppy when we were in Germany circa 1988. She is a sweet little dog, getting to be very old and bony.

Herb is our blind cat. We got him in Germany around the same time as Ginger. Herb was a stray kitten who had been severely beat up. Some Turkish laborers showed him to me and I gave him to Sweetous. She nursed him back to health at her vetrinary clinic and then we took him. In addition to being all beat up, he also had an eye infection which resulted in his becoming blind as a young kitten. Although blind, he roams around all over the place and even kills things from time to time. He even ran off during last years hurricaine and was gone for 2 weeks. We thought he had been killed, but he came back and is still with us. He is a hell of a cat !

Roxanne is our mini-pin. We got her about 3 years ago. She is a very happy, spirited little dog.

Penny is a chihuahua. We got her about 2 years ago and gave her to my Mother. We took her back after my ma had a second stroke. Penny is a nice little dog, but she is also rather skittish. She gets along real well with Dave, so we have designated her as his dog.

Finally, we have another cat. I don’t even know her name. We got her for LB when she was in middle school. I don’t pay much attention to her and she is a very solitary cat anyway. She stays in our closet and is seldom seen. The dogs like to chase her if they do see her.

notes from study group…

……..all sorts of stuff is spinning around in my head, let’s see if I can sort it out any and write a coherent blog….

Last night’ s bible study was pretty lively, people were really engaging, perhaps even getting a tad argumentative. We got into all sorts of different stuff, but it seems to have all started when someone mentioned homosexuality and the ongoing fiasco in the Episcopal Church. Continue reading