hectic day…

…finally finished editing this huge spreadsheet and now I just started on tape # 1 of 5 for a warehouse loss. I guess I don’t have to worry about getting laid off .

I have also been trying to get all the bills paid and get my money spreadsheet ready for 2005. Allison called and told me that I needed to get LB’s dental records and overnight them so that LB can get her wisdom teeth out. We only have a small window of opportunity to get this done before she will be too old for Sweetous’ insurance. I called our Dentist and the Office manager said I had to get written permission to take LB’s records ! GAWD !
I called LB and told her to fax permission to the Dentist. I am waiting for her to call me back and tell me she sent the fax. The next hurdle will be to get to the Dental office – I don’t have the car today !!!!  Anyway, as it stands now, LB has an appt for Friday this week, but it wont happen without those records !

second day of christmas…

Hey evryone, hope you all had a blessed Christmas. I had a hectic one ! Piglette and I drove to my parents house in NW PA on Friday afternoon – made excellant time ’cause traffic was virtually nil and the weather was great.
So, Friday my Sister in law fixed a dinner featuring shrimp and crabmeat, prime rib and assorted sides. Very good ! We did not goto church ’cause my parents are getting old and it is not eays for them to get all ready and everything. I would have liked to have went, but I deferred to the majority.

Saturday morning Allison again prepared breakfast: waffels, sausage, bacon & assorted cookies and stuff. Then we opened gifts. Later on we had the evening meal: a gargantuan feast of ham, stuffed pork chops and assorted sides. I ate so much this weekend !

Piglette was not feeling well, so Sweetous decided we should leave Saturday nite. So we did the drive again in record time too !

Today I am just taking it easy, perhaps I will goto Borders (got giftcards !!!) I guess my Christmas was too secular – I hope to do better next year.  Well, there is Lent coming

this just bites…

….a humorous title about something that is not funny at all…..

A couple days ago Davey (12 year old nephew who is living with us) bit a kid on the school bus ! He has been suspended for 2 days and Dave must go to the school and discuss the matter before they will re-admit Davey.
I just got off the phone with my insurance agent, inquiring if I would be covered for stuff like this. He told me that I was covered under my umbrella policy. Good, but hopefully we won’t need to get involved with anything like that.

Sweetous and I both agree that Davey must get counseling ! His Dad is somewhat lethargic about it, I suppose he hopes it will all go away. But of course it won’t just go away.

Sweetous & I have thought that Davey needs help, for a while now. I hope we have not sat on it too long. We have caught him stealing and lying several times. Also, I think he watches far too much TV, although I am not sure what else he should do. All of us watch too much TV, except for me, and I spend too much time on the internet.

Sweetous mentioned something about Social Services, but I told her that we don’t want the Law involved unless it is really necessary. I think I will call my Pastor and discuss it with him. Maybe I can get Sweetous to come see the Pastor too, but she seems somewhat reluctant to do this, and I am not sure why, or even if she really is reluctant.

Another thing I have wanted to do and have been sitting on is to get this kid Baptized. I’ll ask the Pastor about that too. His Dad is OK with that, but again, I think he thinks it will just happen without any action on his part. Anyway, at 12 years old, I guess the Pastor will need to talk with Davey too, ’cause he aint an infant anymore, but not really an adult either. I am not sure how co-operative Davey would be — probably not very !