Sweetous was not at all happy last night, and I don’t blame her at all.  Dave, Davey, and Loretta seem to be slacking off on doing their chores. Sweetous went into the guys room last night and found a bunch of soda cans and other trash. Davey has started to slack off on his homework too. Loretta’s room was a mess too, and she has not been giving us the $50 a week that we had agreed on. Loretta will be gone in another week, back to Tony. She could have gotten a drivers license and finished High School while she was here – but she squandered the opportunity. Kids !  Then Dave has been slacking off on paying us back the money we have lended to him. Sweetous and I were trying to figure out whether he is just forgetting or what ? He has a full time job, and he lives with us, no child support or anything like that – so I don’t know what the deal is there. Anyway Sweetous went on the warpath last night, so they will probably get it together better, at least for a while.

Giant cell granulomas and other matters….

..yeaterday, I had my appointment with oral surgery to follow-up on the giant cell granuloma. Doctor said it was gone and completely healed. He said the “puffy” area I felt was sublingual saliva gland which I could feel because I was missing so many teeth. My scans and labs were all normal, so I am good to go as far as the giant cell and the hyperparathyroid isssue goes. I do need to follow-up with ENT about the acid reflux isssue, and of course continue to watch my BP and cholesterol. Also, it goes without saying that I need to loose weight and get more exercise ! But, there ! I said it anyway. Continue reading

The courts often come up with some really bizzarre, even outrageous decisions…..

However, one will find the occasional wise, reasonable, intelligent etc. Judge. A co-worker showed me this story about a man who built a Christian shrine in his backyard.

The neighborhood fools and town bureaucrats used zoning laws to go court to try to make him take it down. The Judge ruled in favor of the homeowner, basing his decision on the First Amendment and laws that forbid using zoning laws to interfere with relgious structures.

I applaud this wise Judge. First of all I am in favor of public religious display, especially Christian ones, and I also take a very dim view of petty zoning laws and Homeowner Association rules designed to “protect property values”. A person should be able to build whatever he wants in his yard, unless it is clearly a menace to public safety or health.

The Judge should have levied a large fine against the town and the complaining neighbors and donated the proceeds to the Church or used it to help the poor — that would fix their sorry asses !