Lurking and prowling….

I took today off from work ’cause the furnace technician was coming to my house to do the annual maintenance. After the furnace was duly inspected and certified as being in excellent condition, I decided to spend the remainder of the day lurking & prowling.

I had Piglette (my daughter) drive me to a local shopping center where I got a bus to Shady Grove. From there I took the Metro to Union Station in DC.

I enjoy walking around and watching people and seeing the various stores. I also like to watch and ride trains. There were quite a lot of fine looking women out and about; I duly noted their presence, discreetly observing them as I strolled around the area.

I noticed many “NO LOITERING” signs posted in various locations throught the station. I was observed by several police officers while making my rounds, but they allowed me to pass by unmolested because I was not loitering — I was lurking & prowling.

There is a qualitative difference between loitering and lurking & prowling. The difference being that one who lurks & prowls does not attract the attention of the police; the one who is loitering will always stand out and be noticed by the aforementioned security services.

There is a third activity which is sometimes confued with both loitering and with lurking & prowling. This last alternative is stalking. Stalking differs from both of the others in that it involves a 1 to 1 ratio of stalker and prey, while the other two involve a single person observing an indeterminate number of others. Stalking has a harmful intent, but neither loitering nor lurking & prowling involves any evil intent. Stalking may continue for a long time and cover a large area; the time and area scope of the loiterer and the one who lurks & prowls is limited to a discrete time and location. I lurk & prowl I do not stalk.

After my time alotted for lurking & prowling had expired, I returned via the MARC train to Rockville, the Metro to Shady Grove, and the bus to Milestone. Sweetous (my wife) had left a car there for me. I browsed around briefly in Borders and then drove home.

I am pleasantly tired from my day of lurking & prowling, which is a good thing. I had a good day and soon I shall go to bed and sleep.