Some random notes…..

….slept in today and went to work later than usual, so I shall be here late too ’cause I want to get at least the task I working on now completed. Tuesday I went to the healing service at Life in Jesus. That was pretty intense and I didn’t get home ’til 11:00 pm. Then on Wed evening, we went to our bible study group. So for two consecutive days – I went to bed too late….

….for the past month I have been observing my financial life with growing alarm and a sense of awful dread. Yesterday, I found out that the PLUS loans have been consolidated and I must start paying. So today, I made some inquiries into restructuring some of my debt. We shall see how that goes….

LB graduates from DelVal this Saturday. We will drive up to my Brother’s place tomorrow and then on Saturday, we will all goto the graduation. My parents are going too, very good. We will also be having dinner with Steve’s parents. I am looking forward to the weekend, but the big drawback is — more expense !!

I am here at work, I was feeling very congested so I popped an OTC asthma pill. Now I am very very wired….

back to the spreadsheet….