At work and a recap of the weekend….

I was intending to pack-up some more old files for storage today, but this morning I had 2 spreadsheets waiting that needed work – and of course they had to be done right away!. The first was a multi-tabbed behemoth that a co-worker had been updating which I had to make it presentable for printing. Someone else had an old Lotus 1-2-3 sheet that they wanted in MS-Excel. Usually when you open a 1-2-3 file with Excel or save it as an xls. file there are formatting problems – in other words it will look like hell. So I copied the raw data from the old 1-2-3 file into a new MS-Excel file and then formatted the new file with lines, fonts etc. This took most of the morning. My “client” was very happy with the results.

Although I am an employee of a company, I often think of myself as a contractor. I have a lot of flexibility in how I get it all done. I call myself the “spreadsheet wizard and guardian of the archives”. I don’t really have a supervisor, various people in the company come to me with mostly spreadsheet work and I get it all done for them. I call them my “clients”. I enjoy the work, but sometimes it gets tedious and also people tend to want it all right now, which can be a pain in the buttocks.

Sweetous and I visted my parents over the weekend. Piglette and her BF also came. I enjoyed the weekend. We had a sad event happen on Tuesday when we got back home – our little dog Ginger died. She was a nice little dog, an 18 year old chihuahua. I figured she would die this year ’cause she was getting pretty shakey. I miss her.