sunday evening…

…..just finished helping Sweetous with her stuff, now I will do some web surfing before I goto bed. Some notes about the weekend can be found here, and here. As usual, the weekend went fast, time flys when you’re having fun.

I have been looking at wiki stuff: wikicities, wikispaces,, little wiki, and meatball wiki. Wiki’s are interesting, but they are so unstructured as to be almost scary. I might try making one, but I’m really not sure what I would put in there, or what I would do with it. There is a wiki that I think is really good: Wikipedia.

Back in the day, just about all PC’s came with the BASIC programming language as part of the OS. That was always interesting and educational to mess around with. I found a BASIC that can be downloaded for Windows or Linux. I might try that out. It would be cool if it came bundled with Linux.


..well, I got a lot done today: had my blood drawn, saw the doctor, finished two projects at work, updated my financial spreadsheet. I am well pleased.I am feeling much better today than yesterday, the doctor told me it was the BP pills, but that was OK ’cause my body was adjusting to them. She also cautioned me about allowing myself to become dehydrated.

I decided to start a new category here for blogs with unusual or attention getting titles. For the first entry in this category: check out the Festering Carbuncle !

So, soon I will Catch the Metro and start my journey home. I think I may stop at Borders for a while tonite. I am hungry too, so I will likely goto McD’s.

brief update…

…visted my parents this past weekend in DuBois, PA. We had a good time, they seem to be doing well.  I have been dead dog tired ever since Sunday evening though ! I made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow and get labwork done.  I was at the doctor last week and she doubled my BP pills.  So, this morning I check the pills (hydrochlorothiazide)  on the internet – right at the top of the lsit of side effects —  dead dog tired !

I gotta do something about this, so back to the doctor tomorrow. The worst things is that I am back logged at work and I really don’t have time to be messing around with doctors !

thinking ’bout Islam…

When I read about Rumi or the Sufis, I think that Islam is not so bad. When I see Muslims in the mall or the park, I think that most of them are just people who want to  live in peace and raise their children.  Muslims and Christians share many of the same moral values and even some Theology.

When I read the daily news, Islam seems to be a dangerous enemy; those who are not fighting us are far too tolerant of those who are. The suicide bombers are hiding among the civil population, and the people are tolerating them. They are either sympathetic to their cause or they are too afraid to do anything to root them out.

I hate to say this, but I think Bidinotto is right. The average Muslim is far too complacent, the terrorists kill their own children just so they can try and kill an American Soldier. These killers are living among the very people who are their victims !

friday notes…

….the rain has stopped, for now anyway. The rain was coming in solid sheets early this morning; I was soaked from walking to my office from the train. There is likely more to come too, seems the hurricanes have started !

Sweetous and I stayed at JP’s farm last night, we will be watching the place ’til Wednesday. Got soaked last night chasing the guinea hens, they don’t like to go back in there pen at night – you gotta chase them in. I can only imagine how muddy the pasture is now, but this evening I will have a “hands on” experience with it.

Dave is at our place by himself ’til next week. Davey went to Michigan to stay with Grandparents for the summer.

Well, it has been 1 year since we reconfigured our household ! Read all about it here. There has been lot’s of turmoils and changes over the past year. Things are looking good for Dave & Davey. The others left a while ago, and they are not doing as well.

Blogging is really catching on ! Even the psychopaths are doing it now. This blog is chilling and the author is quite notorious. I wonder if they have blogs in jail ?

long weekend recap….

…today was my first day back at work since last Thursday, and I have a pile of backed-up stuff to do !! The weekend went by fast, I can hardly remember it all.Sweetous’ parents came on Friday around 6:00pm and her ma fell and broke her arm on the back steps about 7:30. So, I took her to the ER and didn’t get out of there ’til 3:00am Saturday. When we got back home, I surfed the web and lurked in chat-rooms ’til around 7:00am — then I crashed. The rest of Saturday is a blur ’cause I was dead dog tired.

I did get a good night’s sleep Saturday, so Sunday I was up early and we all went to Church. I don’t really recall much about the rest of Sunday. Monday during the day was uneventful. We went to see fireworks Monday night and got home late.

Tuesday morning, I was tired from being up late on Monday. Sweetous was working, so I took Joyce back to the Hospital for a follow-up on her arm.