a brief note…

I started a House Rehab project to have various deficiencies repaired around the house. Things that come to mind right away are: new porches & deck, windows, paint & trim and a new roof. Sweetous gets a bit carried away (IMHO) with thoughts of building a garage. I will have a Home Inspector come and prepare a list of what needs to be (or should be) done. This looks like a very useful service. Then we will find out how much money we can get and the cost of stuff to get done. Hey, it would be cool to get the place fixed up, but I was looking forward to paying everything off. Well I guess not now.

comments about church this morning…

I just got back from church. In the sermon the Pastor criticized people who criticize the Church. Of course some people are overly critical and will bitch and moan about nearly anything, but I sense that Pastor’s underlying message was don’t be critical of the way the Parish leaders are leading the Parish. Our Pastor is a very strong leader and does not take opposition lightly (my opinion anyway).There are many good aspects about the Parish I belong to: an emphasis on bible study and small groups, good youth ministry, outreach to the community.There is one glaring problem though, at least I think so.

One of the statements made in the sermon was “we are here to worship God”. I wholeheartedly agree. However the manner in which worship is conducted at our Parish is really not the best. The liturgical excellance at our Parish has been deteriorating for years. Really, it doesn’t feel like we are worshiping God. The “liturgy” at our Parish more and more resembles a meeting or semminar ! I am getting very unsatisfied about all of this.

Another unsettling thing is that my denomination, the ELCA, is likely to officially approve of gay marriage and gay clergy soon. Our Pastor does oppose this, but it looks like the ELCA is going to go the way of the ECUSA ! Not good ! There was some papers in my church mailbox about the upcoming churchwide conference, they were written in cumbersome legal language that I really could barely comprehend ! In any case this kind of stuff should not be subject to discussion and vote !!!

I’m not sure what I should do. I would consider becoming a Catholic, but Sweetous is not keen on that. I do think that a man and wife should go to church together. Sweetous would probably drift away from attending church if I did not prod her to go, I could be wrong though. In any case a Christian does need to belong to a community of other beleivers – this is very important !

saturday evening software notes…

..just playing around on my computer. I found this gem on the web. TiddlyWiki is a free open sources wiki implementation. This along with the adaptation called GTD TiddlyWiki is one of the coolest pieces of software I have ever messed with ! You gotta check it out ! With TiddlyWiki you can have wiki notebook in yourpocket: just save it on a memory stick. All you need is a web browser to open it. I use FireFox; it also works with MSIE and I would assume other browsers also. You can learn more about this software here.Wikis in general are pretty cool, although the idea of their nearly infinite flexibility can be “scary” for someone accustomed to more type structuered software. Other noteworthy wikis:

real women…


This advertisement for Dove has attracted a lot of attention, which of course is exactally what it’s supposed to do.

There’s no doubt that the ads are striking. This is, of course, entirely a function of the casting choices. If the wardrobe, lighting, and graphic design remained the same but these ads featured gorgeous, size-0 models, no one would give this campaign a moment’s thought.

Gorgeous size-0 ?? I don’t think so ! If you ask me, most fashion models & celebs look like they need to see a doctor or at least eat a good dinner ! I like women with some meat on their bones.