inside out upside down…

My Mother has a word she uses for when she is not feeling well; she will say that she is discombobulated. I use the word occasionaly, but I don’t recall ever hearing it or seeing it anywhere else. The word was on my mind today, so I decided to do a google search. There is quite a list of results from that ! I also looked on the Wiktionary and this is what I found:

to discombobulate (third-person singular simple present discombobulates, present participle discombobulating, simple past discombobulated, past participle discombobulated)

1. (Transitive): To throw into a state of confusion; to befuddle or perplex.

Noun: discombobulation

1. An embarrassing feeling that leaves you confused.

I suppose one could define it as a low level anxiety, depression, or even paranoia. Another word that comes to mind is angst. How ’bout staring into the abyss or the Gates of Hell !  I better cut this out. I think I will leave it as a non-specific generalized funk, and I am sure it will go away. One would hope so anyway.

internet junkie…

…I am lurking around the internet, will soon goto bed. First, I will answer a question or two from Randomness.Do you get online every day?

Just about, I work on a computer all day, and betwist and between spreadsheet edits and database searches, I lurk and prowl on the internet. I am so accustomed to this that I would be extremely annoyed if my company decided to place restrictions on web access. Generally in the evenings, I mess around on the web and post in my blogs. Saturday mornings I look forward to coffee and the internet before I start that day. My name is Dennis, and I am an internet junkie.

light options…

I generally like to have a lot of light, especially when I am reading or on the computer.  My lighting of choice has been the halogen pole lamp or a halogen desk lamp.  During the summer this can be a pain because with the A/C  and the halogens on simultaneously,  I find myself making the trek to the cellar to reset the circuit breaker fairly often.

Anyway, Piglette was telling me yesterday that in one of her classes, they told her that halogens were far more expensive to use than other lighting because they waste energy.  I was skeptical, but I guess it makes sense, if they trip the circuit breakers so often, they must use a lot of electricity.

I did a search and found some interesting information about lighting. According to this article, the halogen is very energy inefficient because they produce a tremendous amount of heat. In fact they are a serious fire hazard in addition to being more expensive to use than standard light bulbs or flourescents. The article recommends using compact fluorescent bulbs because they produce good light and they are more cost effective in the long run – and of course they are not a fire hazard.

For more information about lighting, you can check this article or this one.  I think I will find try out the compact fluorescent bulbs.

too much stuff…

Link: MSN Money – The hidden costs of too much stuff.

We spent a week dragging junk from our attic and basement to yard sales, thrift stores, and the dump. There is still enoughjunk laying around the house to keep us busy for a month !  We should do like this articles says, don’t buy it in the first place ! Or as my Pastor’s wife says – if you havent used it in 6 months, give it to the poor !