This weekend has indeed been stranger than fiction and rather disconcerting to say the least. I probably ought not to say more in order to protect the guilty. Let’s just mention computer abuse, misuse, and petty thievery. Perhaps I’ll mention the garbage I read that was on some webpage, a page written by a kid. I am very discouraged about the future of our country, if more than a miniscule number of our young people are this ignorant and clouded in darkness, we are already on the decline as a civilization. The grammer alone was atrocious, the foul language was outrageous, the perverse content was hellish. We are doomed, unless something changes drastically. I have always been an advocate of individual freedom, especially freedom of speech. But after I read this webpage and some other stuff I have observed lately; I am halfway convinced that some people are not fit to be free.

upgrade !

I’ve been lobbying our office manager for a new computer for a while now. She told me nearly a year ago I would be getting a new PC, but never specified a time. Well lately I’ve been seeing more than the usual number of old PC’s, monitors etc littering the hallways & closets, and also numerous new PC’s in boxes. These old and new PC’s seem to languish in the hallways & closets forever before anything happens. Anyway, I saw the IT contractor in my building yesterday messing around with this & that; so I pestered him about an upgrade. He said he would see what he could do.

This morning there was a new monitor on my desk ! A nice flat screen ! I love it ! There was also a note in my email from the IT guy stating that I would get a new computer nest week. Outstanding

new dog and upgraded house…


This is Foxy, the new puppy ! Sweetous bought on the internet. We picked her up on Thursday last week. She is such a cute little dog. So tiny though, makes me nervous about stepping on her.

They started putting the siding up last week. It looks nice, but the company keeps screwing up with the wrong materials etc. But, on the whole it looks good. Certainly an improvement from before.


Sweetous and I went to Baltimore this afternoon to pick up her new micro-dog. Actually, not a micro-dog, she is a nano-dog ! Roxanne & Penny are about 10 lbs, this little one is 2 lbs ! She is a sweetie, very friendly. The other dogs like her too. Sweetous named her Foxy, she actually has a sort of fox look to her. She is frisky, but very quiet ! So far she has not barked at all, quietest dog I ever encountered. Long Fence started putting up the siding today too ! One side of the house is finished and it looks great !

midweek notes…

I’ve been a slacker about posting to my blog, let me remedy that…

I beleive my cold(or whatever it was) is gone, at least for now. I’ve felt pretty good all week so far. I was warm this morning, with a light rain. I took the train to Whiteflint this morning and walked to work from there. Between the weather and being sick, I haven’t walked much lately, so I enjoyed it. Before I finished though, the rain got fairly hard. Later this morning it got much cooler, but now ite seems to be sunny. Interesting weather.

Lomg Fence came yesterday and took care of the issues with the windows, they still need to change one more, which is on order. They also came by sometime yesterday while I was still at work and set-up scaffolds. So, I can see they are at least thinking about putting the siding up. They have pretty decent products, but getting the actual work done seems to be a challenge.

I have small list of pending tasks at work, but nothing overwhelming, that’s the way I like it. At this moment as I type, the guys from Iron Mountain are loading 50 boxes of old files to get out of my sight.

Well, maybe Sweetous’ new micro-dog will be in tonight, or not. She is traveling by air, but it is stand by. Yesterday she didn’t get on, perhaps today.

guess what sweetous is getting…

Feeling better now, but still a bit shaky. I must make sure I get enough sleep.  I went to Borders and Best Buy today, but did not stay out long ’cause I was getting tired.

Sweetous has been telling me she wants to get another micro-dog. Today I broke down and told her to go for it. My inner accountant’s voice said no, but was drowned out by the voice of soft touch for Sweetous, and the guy who likes micro-dogs. She ordered it from someone on the internet. I tend to prefer to go someplace and pick a dog up and walk out with it (after I pay of course) but Sweetous bought it on the internet. So I hope all goes well, and we take delivery of a live micro-dog in week or so. She is a pretty little dog, mix of Chihuahua and Pomeranian.

friday evening…

I am really tired right now, so I best go to bed soon. I am feeling much better now, the antibiotic seemed to do the trick. Of course it could be that it was just time for it to go away. In any case I am glad.
Fairly busy at work today, I might go in some on Sat or Sun. We’ll see. I should I guess ’cause I missed a day this week, and I need to leave early once next week.

Well, I will probably catch some flak for this, but I’m gonna write it anyway. I am concerned about Loretta. She is not sick or anything, but just seems very unmotivated. Of course this is not a new thing. She has not taken any steps to get her GED or a driver’s license. She does not seem to be interested in connecting with anyone here. Today when Sweetous and I came back, she made herself very scarce, especially when she saw us start doing some cleaning around the house. She often stays up late watching TV or she falls asleep on the couch. She stayed in the recliner all night last night watching TV. Every time I got up last night, she was still there, the TV still on. Honestly, I am concerned about her willingness or ability to care for her baby when he/she comes.


went in to work today, but still sick as hell. I made an appoint to see the doctor, was able to get one right away this morning. That is good, but I’m skeptical about whether it was a waste of time. I got some zithromax and some little pills that look like bath oil beads. My BP was high too, dammit ! I made appt to get lab work down. Well, I hope this wicked thing goes away soon.

On a postive note: yesterday was LB’s birthday (23) and her and Steve are now engaged.

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that she was a baby, other times it seems like eons ago. One thing is for sure, The world in 2006 is much different than it was in 1983.

at home sick and waiting…

I took off work today ’cause Long Fence is supposed to put my new siding on. So far they have not showed up, and it’s 10:30 ! I was going to take off anyway ’cause I’m sick as hell but it still pisses me off to the max ! I called around 9:00 but there was no one in the office that I wanted, the receptionist said she would have someone call. So, I just finished calling them the second time, the guy told me they were trying to decide if the weather was good enough to do it. GAWD ! the weather ain’t that bad and they should have called. So, when will my siding be put up ? Hell, I don’t know.

monday notes

I have had a headcold since Friday. Havent been keeping track of my food intake, but I haven’t been eating much in any case.

I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart has turned to wax; it has melted away within me. My strength is dried up like a potsherd and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth; I am laid in the dust of death. Psalm 22:14-15

I’ll probably take off work early and have a Nyquil and goto bed.

An Artifact from the Cold War


I was rummaging around in a shelf at home this weekend and found several SMLM cards. These cards were issued to U.S. Forces in Germany during the Cold War. They were folded and the soldiers carried them in their wallets. The U.S. and the Soviet Union had an agreement wich allowed each side to maintain small groups of soldiers in the other’s territory. We had guys in East Germany and the Russians had their guys in West Germany. American soldiersĀ  were required to detain the Soviets if they were observed in a restricted area or following a U.S. Military convoy. Of course, the Soviets would do the same thing to our guys in East Germany. I served two tours in Germany from 1979-83 and 1988-92. The Fall of the Wall was November 9, 1989. In my several years in Germany during the Cold War I never encountered these guys.

notes for saturday…

I was considering opening this post with a string of profane expletives and vulgarities, but I won’t.  Instead, a reading from the Psalm 22:

I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint; my heart is like wax; it is melted within my breast;
my mouth is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to my jaws; you lay me in the dust of death.

To say that I don’t feel well would be an understatement, the headcold has returned with a vengance. I was awakened this morning by the call of the bladder and the proddings of Roxanne (the micro-dog). Right away I noticed the feeling of generalized angst and acute discombobulation. My airway was a wellspring of high viscosity snot along with boogers the consistency of gummy bears ! ARRG !!
I went to breakfast with Piglette and Josh ’cause they go back to school today. I hope to take it easy the rest of the day, except  I must help Sweetous with her school stuff.

notes on grace, faith, works…

I am cleaning up my computer at work ’cause I suspect I may get a new one soon !! Yeah !! These are some notes I took quite a while back. I don’t think I ever posted them anywhere before, so today I will. The notes open with a quotation from Billy Grahm….

Becoming a Christian can be the act of a moment; being a Christian is the act of a lifetime. I have grown to understand more fully what Jesus meant when He spoke of spiritual commitment and conversion as being “born again” (John 3:3). Physical birth is a process, moving from conception through the period of gestation to the miracle of the moment of birth. But birth is not only the end of one process – it is the beginning of another, the process of growth. The same should be true spiritually. My commitment to Christ was a “spiritual rebirth,” but this was to be followed by spiritual growth. — Billy Graham

Some folks have a misconception that Catholics try to earn their salvation by doing good works, and many people also hold the equally erroneous idea that Evangelicals are saved by Grace and do not need to concern themselves with how they live. Continue reading

taking it all literally…

I was chatting with a co-worker this morning. She has a couple little kids and she was telling me how her two year old boy picks up on things she and her husband say. She told me her husband likes to say “bite me” and now the little boy is going around asking people to bite him and inquiring as to the possibility of said person allowing him (the boy) to bite them. Funny as hell in a way, but it does illustrate the importance of setting a good example for the little ones.Anyway this reminds of some things my oldest daughter (LB) did when she was a toddler.

At the time (early 80’s) one could still buy soda (pop) in big glass longneck bottles. I always had a case of that in the house. We had a dog, a big rambunctious dog and I used to scold the dog and say that I was going to “hit him with a pop bottle” whenever he was getting too rowdy. So one day the dog was getting rowdy and I threated to hit him with a pop bottle. LB went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of pop and ran over and handed it to me saying, “Dad ! Here is a pop bottle to hit the dog with” So I had to explain to young LB that I wasn’t really going to hit the dog with a pop bottle. LOL !

At the time one of my favorite outbursts was “get off of my ass !” which I would say whenever someone was annoying me. So one day I am laying face down on the floor and the dog (same one) came over and stood on me with his front paws on my ass. LB comes running saying “Dad ! the dog is on your ass !!!”

new year’s day…

…stayed up ’til 2:00am ! So, now I am working on waking up. We watched some videos last night and I also lurked around the  internet. I made some changes on my blogs over the past several days. I eliminated my WordPress blog; decided I didn’t need it and I never got the hang of WordPress. Although I can see that it is a good program, perhaps I’ll try it again some other time. I signed up for a book listing thing sort of like and also I am now an Amazon associate. I have a random display of some of my books in the side bar. So, if you see a book you like, click the image and buy it from Amazon and I get a small cut of the action. I guess it’s like they are paying me off to display their stuff on my site LOL ! Also a major reconfiguration at my other blog. Go take a look: lurking