sunday night….

Sweetous finished the class she had been working on, so we both had the weekend off ! She starts another this week I think. She will be all finished in December or right around then.

So, an easy weekend, but still busy. I don’t recall that much about Saturday. Today we skipped church and went out for breakfast and then to the  outlet stores to shop. I got some clothes and a new back-pack and Sweetous got some clothes.

This evening I worked on my Bible study stuff for the small group I am supposed to lead on Tuesday. Yes, the same lessons I have been procrastinating about the past couple weeks. I am almost caught up. Gosh, I should buckle down and apply myself more often. LOL, where have I heard that before ?

Now a bit of web surfing ‘fore bed. Google  added personal home pages to their line-up. I’ll have to check that out.

friday evening….

…got my state tax refund back ! It’s not real big, but every little bit helps.

Fairly easy day at work today, the only real obstical was proofreading and looking up some stuff for Sweetous. Yes, I will be right pleased when she finishes this program. Anyway, I brought home a spreadsheet to work on at home this weekend.

The little red dog that Sweetous took in died in her sleep over night. She had had a couple of seizures the day before and was scheduled for a Vet visit this evening. Poor little dog, she was boney as hell when we took her in and we thought she was geting better, but at least she had a nice home for a couple weeks.

Well, perhaps I will loaf all night, but I suspect Sweetous will draft me to help her out.

busy busy busy !

Busy at work, busy helping Sweetous, busy with our house rehab project !!

I think we have a satisfactory conclusion to the issues we’ve been having with our siding and window contractor. We agreed they would walk away from the project and I would pay less than what the original contract called for. I’m waiting for an invoice now, so I can pay it.

All this busy-ness is not my thing ! I prefer a more laid back approach.

Well, I got my taxes done, and we are gettinga refund ! First time in a while.

The Great Communicator

I finished helping Sweetous with her stuff, and now I’m doing some web surfing.

I saw this quotation from Ronald Reagan.  I’m not a big Reagan fan, but I don’t have any strong feelings against him either. I thought this quote was funny.

The government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Kind a funny, but it does express his views very well.  I guess it also illustrates that he was indeed “the  great communicator”  I have some empathy with the conservative viewpoint, but as far as government regulation of  corporations is concerned, I am all for government regulation.  Lots  of it, and with teeth.

Still though, that is a good quote.


Yesterday evening we had Bible Study Group. It was a good meeting, we started a book called Growing Strong in God’s Family. A couple of us had done it before and I suggested it for our group. We had a good discussion last night. I was drafted to lead next week, so I shall have to read all my stuff thoroughly and not procrastinate like I often do.

some web apps….

The past several days I have been playing around with a couple of new web applications.

A Calendar like none I’ve ever used before:  The user enter his tasks and due dates and organizes them with tabs and tags. It takes some getting used to ’cause it is totally different from other calendar applications. I like it though, and will probably continue using it.  It’s rather funny though ’cause it’s so engaging to play around with it, that one might neglect to actually do the scheduled tasks !

Moving right along…

Tagging and folksonomy are all the rage.  I’ve been using for quite a while now and I love it ! This past weekend I started using ma.gnolia which is another social bookmarking application. This one also has groups and messages and a more blog-like appearance than

Another new application is standpoint which is a place where you can take a stand and express your opinions on a variety of issues. The user adds a belief or chooses an already listed belief to affirm or oppose. The beliefs are supported and supplemented by other beliefs, arguments, references etc. All of these ideas are organized by user tags; a folksonomy of ideas and opinions.

These types of applications can be used to supplement blogs, as you can see in my sidebar. It seems to me that these applications could also actually supplant blogs as they are now known, at least in some instances.

All of the applications and trends just mentioned are components of a large phenonenom known as Web 2.0 or social software. This stuff is going to keep on going and the web will never be like it was only a few years ago.

If anyone has more links to applications of this type, please send them to me as comments or in email and I will check them out.

saturday night….

It’s a winter wonderland outside, very pretty, but not good for driving. I went grocery shopping and then to Best Buy & Borders earlier today. I’ll have to see how tomorrow is, perhaps I’ll stay in the house all day. I brought some work home and of course Sweetous will need help with her stuf too, so I’ll have things to do tomorrow.

I found two really cool sites today. This first is a social bookmarking site called Ma.gnolia which has some similarities to and the other is a place to take a stand ! It’s called standpoint and you can list your beliefs and opinions and tag them. Both sites are quite interesting.

friday morning….

Here sre some misc, odd, wierd links from my morning web prowl…

The Muslims are pissed off again, this time about a picture of a guy wearing a pig nose, who they claimed was mocking Muhammad. I suppose we could really pis them off if we wanted to by building Spam packing plants in Iraq. The Danes could jerk their chain by producing Danish canned hams with pictures of notorious Islamists on the cans. The possibilities are endless.

Here is an interesting blog for those who love to surf the web and find all sorts of interesting stuff, this is where I first saw the item above about the guy with the pig nose. Seems to be somewhat similar to also. is in bad taste, but funny as hell. There is something there to offend anyone & everyone, go take a look ! Also, you can buy t-shirts here that are sure to offend your Liberal friends.

And, here is one for the guys, a wikipedia article about cleavage !

thursday update….

…been intensely busy at work, but I did finish two big spreadsheets. I have a whole batch of stuff on my list to do. I’m tired today ’cause I stayed up ’til 10:30 last night and I went to church the night before and didn’t get to bed ’til 11:00.

Also still messing around with Long Fence, I gotta get these fools to finish this up, I have better things to do than pis around with some shit assed company, dammit.

On a positive note, I really like my “new” car, and we are going to visit my parents this weekend, unless it snows.

new car


I recently bought a car at CarMax. It’s a 2003 PTC, very nice. I was impressed with the quality of the used cars they had. They were also very efficient at getting all the paperwork completed; only took about 90 minutes all total. They sent me a survey in the mail asking about how their sales staff was, if  I liked the car, what do I think about CarMax etc. I filled it out giving all very positive ratings. However there was one question on the survey that seemed to be just a little bit out of place:

“Have you had the opportunity to bring this vehicle in to the CarMax service department ? ”

LOL ! no I have not had such an opportunity, and that’s a good thing ! I’ve only had the car a week,  if  I had to take it to the shop already,  I would be very pissed off !

But, I’m not. I like the car.

new car…..

I’ve been thinking about getting a new car for a while now. The Rav4 is getting old and it failed the last emissions test. I still need to get that fixed. We have been making do with just one car for over a year now (of course I pay for 3 cars but my girls have those). Sweetous has her truck (of which she is profoundly proud), the one she bought on ebay ! But, that is not fit for daily use. Anyway, I figure we are about due for a catastrophic car problem with the Rav4 and I figured we ought to be prepared, rather than wait ’til it happens…

The last time we bought a car we drove two junks to the dealer (just barely running). I told the guy I wanted a new car that was cheap with no down payment. Amazingly we did get a brand new car that very night. That was quite a while back.

Actually I did buy a new car since then, but Sweetous insisted that I give it to Piglette and we took her ’97 Rav4, which I think may well be on the beginning of its demise.

Anyway, We had been looking at cars on the internet for the past couple weeks. Sweetous tried to get me to buy one yesterday that was in Texas. It was a nice 2005 PTC, but the catch was I had to pay shipping, and even if I decided not to buy it, I would still be stuck with the $800 freight bill.

I was unwilling to take that risk, so we decided to go look at cars at CarMax in Rockville. We found a 2003 PTC that was not too expensive and looked good. So, we bought it.

I like it, but now I shall have to make room for the payment in my financial spreadsheet.

Pictures will be posted in a few days.