busy busy busy !

Busy at work, busy helping Sweetous, busy with our house rehab project !! I think we have a satisfactory conclusion to the issues we've been having with our siding and window contractor. We agreed they would walk away from the project and I would pay less than what the original contract called for. I'm waiting … Continue reading busy busy busy !


Yesterday evening we had Bible Study Group. It was a good meeting, we started a book called Growing Strong in God's Family. A couple of us had done it before and I suggested it for our group. We had a good discussion last night. I was drafted to lead next week, so I shall have … Continue reading notes….

new car

I recently bought a car at CarMax. It's a 2003 PTC, very nice. I was impressed with the quality of the used cars they had. They were also very efficient at getting all the paperwork completed; only took about 90 minutes all total. They sent me a survey in the mail asking about how their … Continue reading new car