Adolescent Chlamydia Prevention Program – Wow, they have a program for everything I suppose ! I clicked the link and found a plethora of information about all manner of sexually transmitted diseases and related matters. Well, I don`t doubt  that teens (and adults) need to know these things, but the prevention of chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases among people of all ages, genders, etc. is NOT THAT DIFFICULT  !

You don`t need a program. A low cost simple method to prevent STD`s is as follows: When you are in the presence of other people you must keep all of your clothes on, in place, and securely fastened ! If you do this consistently, you will not get a sexually transmitted disease. Very simple, but it is easier said than done.

sunday morning…

Well, I’ve been a slacker with my blog. Not that I haven’t been online, but just didn’t post. Last week was very busy, but I am quite pleased that I got everything done last week that I had wanted to get done ! Sweetous and I went out to dinner last night with LB and Steve at a Japanese place. They grilled steak, shrimp, rice, veggies right at your table. It was very good, never had it before but I liked it. On the other hand, LB talked me into trying a piece of Sushi, something I had said I would never do.  That was gross as hell ! Eel rolled up in some sort of mixture. It was pretty to look at, but I won’t be eating any more of that.

I downloaded some cool software yesterday from Google.

Anyone familiar with this location ?


oral majority

Link: Winning the Oral Majority – Christianity Today Magazine.

This is an interesting article about a “new” way to do missions. Rather than emphasize the written Bible, as Evangelicals tend to do, the missionaries will preach, tell stories, poems to reach the illiterate for Christ. This makes a lot of sense considering that most people either cannot read or don’t read very well. Even educated western people have difficulty reading the Bible, because it is so different from the things we normally read. From my Bible reading I note that most of what is written was actually originally spoken by God, Jesus, or the Prophets. Another thing is that the Orthodox and Catholic churches tend to emphasize having the people hear the Word through the Church rather than individual reading as the Evangelicals do. Finally I would note that the Bible discusses hearing the Word and confessing Christ with the mouth more so than reading, and that Jesus went about the countryside preaching and telling stories rather than writing books.

Of course this is not to say that the written Word is not important, but we have tended to neglect orality in favor of literacy.  And of course,  the Evangelicals have preaching and singing, not just reading.  I am a very literate person, but many are not, this article makes some good points.

Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work – I saw this on the web this morning. Quite a list ! Hell, I guess you may as well just not utter a word at work

So, what else for this morning ?  I`m a bit tired `cause I stayed up late last night. We had Bible study group last night and I also gave one of the ladies a ride to & from `cause she recently had hip surgery and needs help getting around. So, didn`t get to bed `til 11:00 or so.

Sweetous has a hellish cold ! Hopefully she will recover soon. Dave had it too, and it may be the same one I had a couple months ago. Hard to say, them damn viruses are ubiquitous, and recalcitrant ! Dammit !

I`ve been exploring the software Outlook the past week or so. We have used  that at work for email for years, but I never really messed with it. So, I started using the calendar feature at work and I also put Outlook Live on my hotmail account. It`s a good piece of software, but probably over priced and overly restricted in the licensing. Here is  the link for it: Microsoft Office Online: Outlook 2003 Home Page

Well, now I think I`ll get some coffee and go visit my co-workers and discuss religion, politics,sex, drugs etc…

I sure was busy today. I finished a spreadsheet (at least `til I need to revise it) and I finished doing my Kid`s taxes. I also got Sweetous` car out of the garage. It runs sooo quiet now ! I hope it will pass the emissions inspection. It should. In any case the check engine light is not on any more.

Now it`s time to lurk and prowl in the obscure corners and dark alleys of cyberspace.

notes on the temptation of Christ

Today I read the story in Matthew 4:1-11 when Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. Each time the Devil tempted him, Jesus responded by referring to scripture. Of course the scriptures should be our guide in life, especially when we are facing temptations.However, it is also interesting to note that Satan also quoted Psalm 91 when he told Jesus that God would send the Angels to protect him.  It seems that those who quote scripture are not always speaking for God.  Perhaps scripture alone is not enough. What else might we need ?

I think the answer to that is in the story in Matthew 3:13-17 and 4:1 where the Spirit descends on Him when He is baptised and then the Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted.  Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit when he quoted scripture and of course Satan was not.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit, and that we should pray in the Spirit at all times.  Jesus, the Incarnate Word, faced down the Devil when He was filled with the Spirit.  For us to understand scripture and to succeed in resisting temptation, we need the Holy Spirit.

So anyway, I figured `twas time for a brief update. Sweetous & I went on a road trip this weekend to visit my parents. We left on Saturday morning because Friday night traffic was just hellish. It was a good ride on Saturday, Sunday coming back was an easy drive too.

Ma & Dad are doing pretty good. They really liked Puppy. We told them we would bring her back next time we came.

I took Monday off and we did some shopping and other chores. Actually kept me pretty busy. So, now I relaxing at work LOL ! Actually, I finished a spreadsheet today and started transcribing a new tape. It`s past 3:00pm now, so `bout time to go home.

saturday morning notes….

I went to bed at 10 last night and I’m up at 4:00 ! Very good, I am usually reluctant (to put it mildly) to get out of bed before 8:00 on Saturdays. I actually prefer to get up earlier ’cause I end up wasting too much time if I don’t.

Sweetous and I are going on a road trip today to visit my parents. We are taking Puppy with us too. My ma will like her.

I’ve been considering an upgrade lately. I want to get a small footprint high performance desk-top box and a 21″ flat screen monitor. Notebooks are cool, but I have come to the conclusion that a properly positioned full size keyboard and a properly positioned large flat screen are more ergonomically friendly for the eyes and the back.I really like the new one I have at work.

Of course, when word got out that I was lusting after a new computer, Piglette, LB, Sweetous, and Josh all mentioned they want upgrades too. LB wants the Toshiba notebook I have now, as does Sweetous and Piglette. Josh want’s the Compaq that Sweetous has. Of course LB & Piglette also mentioned the possibility of a brand new machine too.

Well, hell ! I’ll have to see how things go. I doubt that I buy multiple computers at the same time, that would be rather costly.

Well, let me finish my coffee and then get Sweetous out of bed so we can commence with the road trip.

find one near you today !

Well, the weekend is almost here.  Are you bored, lonely, nothing to do ?

Here is the perfect solution to your angst. Thanks to modern technology, you can find a sex offender near you ! Not just any sex offender, mind you, these folks are registered sex offenders ! They had to take additional training and pass a rigorous certification to earn the coveted designation:

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*note:This is for information purposes only. The owner of this blog does not condone sex offending in any way shape or manner. In fact he disapproves of any sort of offending, especially sex offending.