Adolescent Chlamydia Prevention Program - Wow, they have a program for everything I suppose ! I clicked the link and found a plethora of information about all manner of sexually transmitted diseases and related matters. Well, I don`t doubt  that teens (and adults) need to know these things, but the prevention of chlamydia and other sexually … Continue reading

Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work - I saw this on the web this morning. Quite a list ! Hell, I guess you may as well just not utter a word at work So, what else for this morning ?  I`m a bit tired `cause I stayed up late last night. We had Bible study … Continue reading

I sure was busy today. I finished a spreadsheet (at least `til I need to revise it) and I finished doing my Kid`s taxes. I also got Sweetous` car out of the garage. It runs sooo quiet now ! I hope it will pass the emissions inspection. It should. In any case the check engine … Continue reading

So anyway, I figured `twas time for a brief update. Sweetous & I went on a road trip this weekend to visit my parents. We left on Saturday morning because Friday night traffic was just hellish. It was a good ride on Saturday, Sunday coming back was an easy drive too. Ma & Dad are … Continue reading