….very busy at work, so I stayed late today to finish some stuff.  I went walkng yesterday but today I didn`t `cause by the time I finished work I was way too tired. I probably ought to insist on getting a walk everyday. I am kind of at a loss about what to write `cause the days seem to run on and on and on. Not that I`m depressed or anything, I think it`s ADHD `cause I keep bouncing around to various things rather than seeing them through.  So right now, I`m just plain dog tired.

…actually today was fairly uneventful. Sweetous and I went to church and then did some shopping at Wal-Mart. Then we went to LB`s apartment to tend the cat. Sweetous decided we should clean the place up too, so we did the dishes and took out the trash. I`ll have to jerk LB around about leaving dishes in the sink ! Continue reading

….on a road trip to metropolitan DuBois PA to visit my parents and attend funeral for my sister-in-law`s mother, Dorothy. She usually had Christmas & Thanksgiving dinners with us, so I figured I would pay my respects. LB has my car and I have her car ! I much prefer the PTC to the Mustang. Very nice day right now, hope the weekend is nice. I`ll leave  to go home either tonite or in the morning.

…..started the day out with a lengthy string of profane utterances and imprecations; mingled with assorted vulgar, scatological references and even a couple plain old bad words ! The sky turned black, the air was deathly still, the elements began to melt, and Hell very nearly froze over…. Continue reading

I’ve  been hearing on the news and talk shows the past week a lot about illegal immigration across the Mexican border. This issue was actually not one which I had given much thought.   I tend toward being a humanitarian, but I also know that border security is essential. We are at war now ! We must secure our borders at once ! If we need to build a fence and station troops at the border, I say let’s get to it ! Continue reading

….very tired right now. This afternoon Sweetous cut the grass and I moved dirt and wood chips from a pile where a tree used to be to fill in some chihuahua size gaps along my fence line. Good exercise, but I bet I`ll be stiff and sore tomorrow.

Sweetous and I took Piglette and Josh out for a manly breakfast and then Sweetous and I went to the mall to lurk and prowl and Pig & Josh went back to PSU. Now, I shall relax the remainder of the evening lurking and prowling the internet.

OOPS, first I have to proof-read Sweetous` paper. Then, I can lurk and prowl.

…today is day 1 of year 3  of my second 50 years, it`s my 52nd birthday ! I actually nearly forgot, but my brother sent me an email.  I told Sweetous that Kevin sent me an email and she said, “oops, she forgot” .  She thought it was tomorrow.  No biggie. I also got an email from Borders with coupons ! I shall buy  books and CD`s !

Anyway,  just an ordinary day otherwise.  Stayed up too late last night `cause we had Bible study, so I was tired today.  I am pretty well caught up at work, so that`s good. I went for a walk today. I shall have to that more in the coming year. Seems like I`ve said that before. Well, it would help me make it through to year 100, which I hope to do. God willing.