I got an email today from my buddy Smitty with a link to a song tribute to WW II Veterans.

I must admit that I am often very critical of our society, and of course we are certainly not perfect. But take a look at the accomplishments of  the Greatest Generation and listen to  the tribute to WW II Vets !  Things would be very different today without these folks.

So, count your blessings and thank a Veteran !

Sweetous and I went on a road trip this weekend to visit my parents. They are doing pretty good. We visted various relatives graves and put flowers on them. We had excellant munchies on Sunday courtesy of Sister-in-Law Allison.

Dad was at his flea-market space most of Saturday and Sunday, but he did sell some stuff. He had a very nice antique dresser and chest set which Sweetous and I bought. Then, on the way back home we stopped at a furniture outlet and bought a couch and two chairs.

Last night was hot and stuffy, not good sleeping weather, so today I shall retrieve the A/C’s from their place in the attic. That sounds like work ! oh no !! Speaking of work, back to the spreadsheet now….

Saturday morning, just finished helping Sweetous with her homework. Now, we must throw some stuff together and go on a road trip ! We shall visit my parents this weekend !

…been a very busy week and a busy day too.

I had actually brought some work home from the office but so far have not done any of it. I was helping LB & Steve move into their townhouse and helping Dave & family move out of our place to their own apartment.  I need to get some data together for my refinancing the house and I know Sweetous will want me to help with her classwork tomorrow. I’m getting tired now, so to bed soon.

I have been using the new Yahoo mail and the Google calendar the past couple weeks. Yahoo’s new mail has a nice look and feel to it and runs pretty fast on my computer. It looks a lot like Outlook but for me, it runs faster. Now, they need to update the calendar so that it matches the new mail. Google’s calendar is quick and simple to use and makes a very nice print-out. I would like to see them add tasks to it, and also tags like they have in the gmail. Another nice feature of the Google calendar is it will email you a daily agenda.

Yesterday I went to the dentist after a two year hiatus.  After the oral surgery a couple years ago I decided I had enough of dental activities for a while. Nothing hurts, but I figure I  better get  some work done before it does. The dentist is eagerly anticipating my future appointments; let the good times roll !

I’m feeling sluggish this morning, but not too bad anyway. I was up late last night for church and concurrent with that I experienced an especially malevolent allergy episode. When I got back from church I took a double hit of benedryl and surfed the web about a half hour waiting for it to kick in. I was zonked, but still the sleep was not the best as I was somewhat restless and got up a couple times. I slept an extra hour this morning and had breakfast on the way to work.

Now, I’m at work, and there is lots of it ! I’ll probably stay late today.

…another busy week at work. They gave me a summer hire to help out.  We’re actually getting quite bit done,  boxing and shipping old files. This is good, but I’ actually end up working harder ’cause I have to make sure it all gets done right. Not that he is a bad guy or anything like that; more like I am a very meticulous paranoid type. Of course that kind of task is best accomplished by a meticulous paranoid type.

Sweetous and I have been going to classes for the Franklin Grahm Festival coming to Baltimore in July.  They are having classes on Wednesday evenings at my church. The classes are open to anyone but the purpose is to train people to work at the Festival. I would consider it but I don’t think I could stay up that late. One of the jobs was to do data entry after the Festival, I think I’ll have to pass on that. It does seem  like an interesting and worthwhile thing to do though.

a hand job and a foot job too….

Today after church I went and got a foot-job and a hand-job !  I enjoyed it. Sweetous didn’t mind, in fact she was glad I did. Not only did my wife approve, she encouraged it, even demanded that I get it done. She insisted that I have it done by a professional. She even sent my oldest daughter LB and her friend Michelle to coax me out of Borders and escort me to the place. LB and Michelle each got a foot-job and a hand-job too ! I think they enjoyed their treatment as much as I did…..

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Well, the hectic pace at the office continued thru Friday and probably more of the same on Monday. I might go in for a while tomorrow after church and kill a couple tasks, or not.

I got up about 7:00 this morning, grabbed a shower, then went to the Waffle House for a nice grease laden manly breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, juice and grits. Mighty good stuff. Then I went to Borders for coffee and a book. I browsed around, found a book, read a couple chapters, and bought it: A Whole New Mind – Why Right-brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel H. Pink

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I was very busy at work all last week and this week promises more of the same ! I would like it to lighten up a bit, but anyway at least I don`t have to worry about getting layed off. This weekend we were busy at the house too. Sweetous and I worked on our Micro Dog Containment Project ! We replaced several damaged wood slats on the fence and also tacked a wire fence to about half of the ouside. We will finish the outside at a later date and will continue to line the inside perimeter with bricks, dirt, and wood chips. The Micro Dogs are enjoying their new enhanced security environment.

Now, it`s lunch time ! I shall walk to the bank and then grab a snack somewhere.