An update, a look back, and thoughts about war….

..been a fairly quiet day. We went to Ikea in Baltimore and looked at stuff. Sweetous liked some closet shelving but we didnt buy it yet. We went to Wal-Mart and got a chair for LB & Steve. This afternoon I went to  Borders for a while, but didn’t saty long because I am quite tired and have a headache.Yesterday was an easy day at work but June 23rd 1972 is (for me) quite a signifigant date: the day I left for the Army. Let’s see what else was going on way back then. One big event was Hurricane Agnes, which was quite a storm. I remember it well, because it was in progress when I left for the Army. Continue reading

an update….

We are having Dave and his kids over for dinner tonight, Loretta will bring her new baby ! I was looking forward to holding the baby but I’ll have to pass on that ’cause I have had cold for the past 2 days. Yesterday I was really sick, but today a lot better. Hopefully the upward trend will continue without any relapses…

It’s been an easy week at work, especiaally compared to the past month or so. I have a whole bunch of old files ready to ship out, and nothing pressing on my todo list.

Busy !

Well, I think this past weekend set a record being busy ! Let me count the ways: preparation for delivery of new bed to include moving old bed to other room and then moving that bed to still another room, working on the farm, painting, housecleaning, helping Sweetous with her paper. Last but most certainly not the least: a dump run in the truck of which Sweetous is profoundly proud ! Then we started filling the truck back up in gleeful anticipation of the next run to the dump ! I love going to the dump LOL !

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A Whole New Mind


I just finished reading this book, and found it quite interesting. I think the word “whole” in the title says a lot about the concept of right brain thinking. The right brain sees the big picture and does not get bogged down in minute details; the right brain synthesizes the parts into a complete and new whole. I must confess though that my left brain can easily get bogged down in details.The book has a bunch of URL’s in there; I think I shall bookmark and tag them. Now, is that a left or right brain thing ? Probably some of both.

Coffee time….

I having some coffee whil’st I lurk and prowl the web for a few minutes (or couple of hours) Sweetous and LB are out shopping for new bed sheets and blankets ’cause we are getting a new bed today, a king size one !

So anyway, our room is a mess ’cause we moved furniture and was doing some pre-painting prep also. Sweetous got rid of some of the old furniture and our project today is to go through our drawers and cull the socks and undwear with holes etc.  Also to dispose of items we don’t really wear or use much. Sounds like work !

We are watching JP’s farm this weekend and we’re also still extensively involved in our housecleaning and reconfiguration project.arm

It’s 8:45 pn and I am just now checking the web (at home anyway). Extremely busy day, I finished the spreadsheet I was working on at work, shipped some boxes of old files too. I went walking in the morning before work, a nice long walk at lunch time too. When I got home, Sweetous and I went to JP’s farm ’cause we are going to watch the animals this weekend. Then to Wal-mart to buy some bottled water, so now I am tired.

Loretta had her baby today, and tomorrow is the last day of school for Davey. I haven’t heard from Piglette for a day or so, I will have to check up on her. Sweetous and LB were painting the back bedroom which Piglette will take over soon.

So, now some web surfing before bed…

…been over a week since I lasted posted in the blog !

So, let me remedy that by posting a recap of the week and some miscellania. I’ve been busy as hell at work. Also, busy working on home repairs and room reconfigurations as well. Not, to mention helping Sweetous with her homework. Oh, let us not forget, Hell froze over too.

I recently discovered Fkickr ! Not that I just recently saw it, but it got my attention and I signed up for an account. Pretty cool I think: check out my pics !

Latest from Google is Google Spreadsheets ! This is so cool. I haven’t looked at it real close yet, but it looks like you can upload excel spreadsheets from your hard drive. I have also been looking at their notebook and calendar ! The calendar is very good, the notebook is quite nice also.

…a good day today. I got up early with the dogs and then had coffee, surfed the web and messed with the blog. When Sweetous got up, I helped her with her school stuff and then we went to breakfast. So, then we go to a couple stores and then to Mattress Discounters. I had told Sweetous we could get a new mattress but I did’nt think we would do it so soon ! This afternoon, more work on her school stuff and then to dinner and we visted LB and Steve a few minutes.

Now, it’s time to surf the web some more.

I had an odd dream last night. I went to bed early (8:30) and woke up sweating around midnight. I thought the sweating was odd because my A/C is working just fine. Anyway when I awoke, I had a saying in my mind:

“the chihuahua lurkest not, neither does he prowl, rather he does sit and wait”

So, what is that all about, and what’s with the King James speak ? I haven’t a clue. In the dream I was in the Army with an Infantry unit at a very remote location. Sweetous was there with me, she was in the Army also and we ate together in the mess hall everyday. Again, a rather odd sequence. In actual life, we were together in the Army for quite a while, but not the Infantry and we were always in well populated areas.

What does it mean ? I do not know. I figure that dreams do have meaning but frequently the meaning is not accessable to the rational waking mind.