Busy !

Well, I think this past weekend set a record being busy ! Let me count the ways: preparation for delivery of new bed to include moving old bed to other room and then moving that bed to still another room, working on the farm, painting, housecleaning, helping Sweetous with her paper. Last but most certainly … Continue reading Busy !

It's 8:45 pn and I am just now checking the web (at home anyway). Extremely busy day, I finished the spreadsheet I was working on at work, shipped some boxes of old files too. I went walking in the morning before work, a nice long walk at lunch time too. When I got home, Sweetous … Continue reading

...been over a week since I lasted posted in the blog ! So, let me remedy that by posting a recap of the week and some miscellania. I've been busy as hell at work. Also, busy working on home repairs and room reconfigurations as well. Not, to mention helping Sweetous with her homework. Oh, let … Continue reading

...a good day today. I got up early with the dogs and then had coffee, surfed the web and messed with the blog. When Sweetous got up, I helped her with her school stuff and then we went to breakfast. So, then we go to a couple stores and then to Mattress Discounters. I had … Continue reading

I had an odd dream last night. I went to bed early (8:30) and woke up sweating around midnight. I thought the sweating was odd because my A/C is working just fine. Anyway when I awoke, I had a saying in my mind: "the chihuahua lurkest not, neither does he prowl, rather he does sit … Continue reading