Busy !

Well, I think this past weekend set a record being busy ! Let me count the ways: preparation for delivery of new bed to include moving old bed to other room and then moving that bed to still another room, working on the farm, painting, housecleaning, helping Sweetous with her paper. Last but most certainly not the least: a dump run in the truck of which Sweetous is profoundly proud ! Then we started filling the truck back up in gleeful anticipation of the next run to the dump ! I love going to the dump LOL !

So, at least it was slow at work today, a nice break from the hectic weekend.  This afternooon I had a dental appointment. It was not a major procedure, but I was terrified anyway.  They loaded my upper mouth with novacaine and then went about the business of a “deep cleaning” They used heavy equipment and high pressure hoses to blast away the dreaded plaque.