An update, a look back, and thoughts about war….

..been a fairly quiet day. We went to Ikea in Baltimore and looked at stuff. Sweetous liked some closet shelving but we didnt buy it yet. We went to Wal-Mart and got a chair for LB & Steve. This afternoon I went to  Borders for a while, but didn’t saty long because I am quite tired and have a headache.Yesterday was an easy day at work but June 23rd 1972 is (for me) quite a signifigant date: the day I left for the Army. Let’s see what else was going on way back then. One big event was Hurricane Agnes, which was quite a storm. I remember it well, because it was in progress when I left for the Army.

Things sure have changed since ’72. The handheld calculator had just came out, but was not in common use. I used a slide rule in my HS classes. The micro-computer had not been invented yet, phones had dials, and the internet was just a glimmer in some geek’s eye. I think the period from 1970-2010 is one of the most tumultuous periods in history; things are just so vastly different in both good and bad ways.

In some ways things were much the same though. We were at war in Viet Nam. I was in the Army, but I never went to ‘Nam. I was in Korea the day of the fall of Saigon. That must have been a hair raising experience to say the least.  You really can’t say much good about war,  it is ineed true that “war is hell“. But’s i suppose it will go on and on until Christ returns .   We are at war now, and it looks like that will go on for decades, let’s hope not. The little girl running in the picture is now living in Canda.

….better go to bed now.