an update….

I’m here at the office, barefoot, having a bite to eat before I start my daily toil.  One might wonder, why am I in the office with my feet so indecently exposed ? Well, I was slogging around a wet barnyard this morning before I went to work. Sweetous and I are doing  the farm gig again this weekend. Last night was interesting to say the least, We were out in the fields locking up the chickens and other assorted chores during a ferocious storm. Very ferocious. There was this one chicken that had climbed up on top of a barrel on a wagon. I was not going to climb up there and chase a chicken in the rain (not to mention the lightning) so I left it where it was all night, Still there this morning, so I guess the chicken didn’t care. I suppose the coyotes and other wild beasts were smart enough to stay out of the rain. Continue reading

random notes…..

During lunchtime today I walked over to CompUSA to gawk at the computers and I saw the strangest thing. I saw a woman,  apparently  a Muslim woman , wearing  the full Arab type headgear. Her head was completely  covered in yards of cloth, most of her face was concealed also.  The odd thing was what else she was wearing: tight shorts well above the knee and a t-shirt !

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sunday evening….

….been nearly a week since I blogged ! I was busy this weekend and last weekend. We were in Baltimore last weekend for the Franklin Graham Festival  , which was a great event ! I was especially impressed with Billy Graham being well over 80 getting up there to preach and Beverley Shea (spelling) is 97 and he sang ! That is impressive !

Today Sweetous and I took a load of junk to the dump and then moved a dresser to LB’s place. Yesterday we were out shopping. I went to Borders today and got a couple books ’cause I had a coupon. So, I figured it was a good day to get a couple books: The Corporation  , and The United States of Wal-Mart  . I bought Sweetous a TV for the spare bedroom. I think she wants to get a TV for every room in the house, although I’m not sure why.

I signed joined Orkut today. Orkut   (by google) is a networking site sort of like My Space, but seems to have less sleaze. I am a big fan of google  , they have a lot of interesting web applications. They also have Picasa   which is a very nice photo software and online albums. And of course, there is gmail which is my favorite email . If anyone would like to get gmail, just let me know via a comment or email me and I will send you  an invite. Then you will be able to try the other google applications.

a Baltimore weekend….

We had a very busy weekend. Sweetous and I were at all four services at the Franklin Graham Festival in Baltimore this weekend. We also walked around the Inner Harbor. Our Church was one of the sponsors of the event and we were working down there getting the books and CD’s ready to give to people when they came forward to make a commit themselves to Christ. On Sunday Billy Graham preached; It’s is really cool to see someone that old still soldiering on. I was in Baltimore when Pope John Paul II there (several years ago), that was really cool too.

random notes….

Well, I said I was going to lurk and prowl, but I never got the chance. I was taking a shower and getting ready to leave when Sweetous called me; suggesting that I ought to go buy a new lawn mower and finish mowing the yard.  Well hell ! Why didn’t I think of that myself ? That Sweetous comes up with the best ideas ! Continue reading

The Little Old Computer and other matters…..

I’ve heard it said that “idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”, and hell, I do believe they are right ! BALLS & HELL ! Sweetous is watching dogs all weekend I am all by myself with lot’s of time on my hands. It’s hot as hell out too.

So anyway, I was loitering in my air conditioned computer room at home and all of a sudden something bit me on the ass. It occured to me that I ought to mess with a computer. I had this little old laptop under my desk gathering dust. Nobody had used for six months or so. That was the same one that I had to reformat a while back ’cause the folks I had designated to use it had trashed it so that the A drive was broken and the hard drive was infested with all sorts of interesting critters, trash, and other unsavory stuff….

Now, just for the record, I gotta make it clear that I did not put any of the interesting critters, trash or other unsavory stuff on said computer. But anyway all of that was in fact present on said computer. This was all back in the Fall of 2005 when somehow all of critters, trash, and other unsavory stuff came to the attention of Woman Sweetous. I don’t even recall how the discovery came about, but it did. Continue reading

Notes, update, and a list of books….

….well, I better get to bed soon ’cause I’m tired. I got up early and had a manly breakfast, after wich I went to Borders for a while. I browsed six books that I want to read, but didnt buy them cause I have two already in line to read. Gosh, I think I surf the web too much and neglect other things sometimes.  Who would say a thing like that ?

When I returned from Borders I helped Sweetous with her college stuff. And, did I mention that we were over at LB & Steve’s place yesterday evening helping them with painting and cleaning ! Sounds like work to me !

Here are the books I saw today, I’ll list them so I don’t forget them: Continue reading