Notes, update, and a list of books….

….well, I better get to bed soon ’cause I’m tired. I got up early and had a manly breakfast, after wich I went to Borders for a while. I browsed six books that I want to read, but didnt buy them cause I have two already in line to read. Gosh, I think I surf the web too much and neglect other things sometimes.  Who would say a thing like that ?

When I returned from Borders I helped Sweetous with her college stuff. And, did I mention that we were over at LB & Steve’s place yesterday evening helping them with painting and cleaning ! Sounds like work to me !

Here are the books I saw today, I’ll list them so I don’t forget them:

And finally before I meander my way to bed, I wanted to mention this outstanding pro-life article that I read early this morning before my manly breakfast. The story is touching and sobering, and I love the sly trick that they pulled on Planned Parenthood.