random notes…..

During lunchtime today I walked over to CompUSA to gawk at the computers and I saw the strangest thing. I saw a woman,  apparently  a Muslim woman , wearing  the full Arab type headgear. Her head was completely  covered in yards of cloth, most of her face was concealed also.  The odd thing was what else she was wearing: tight shorts well above the knee and a t-shirt !

I understand the concept of modesty, and even though I love to look at women; I will agree that many times American women expose themselves too much.  I think covering the face is overkill for sure,  covering the hair is ok if that’s what she thinks she needs to do.  However, walking around in public with your head and face shrouded in yards of cloth while wearing tight shorts above the knee and  a t-shirt is (dare I say it  ?)  ridiculous ! It just doesn’t make sense at all.

Then I walked over to Panera to get something to eat. I saw a man sitting at a table outside wearing what appeared to be a dress or an ankle length t-shirt. In any case the guy looked like an American and what he was wearing did not appear to be any sort of Arab or African ethnic clothing. It looked like a dress or a very long t-shirt. So, what the hell was that all about ?