an update….

I’m here at the office, barefoot, having a bite to eat before I start my daily toil.  One might wonder, why am I in the office with my feet so indecently exposed ? Well, I was slogging around a wet barnyard this morning before I went to work. Sweetous and I are doing  the farm gig again this weekend. Last night was interesting to say the least, We were out in the fields locking up the chickens and other assorted chores during a ferocious storm. Very ferocious. There was this one chicken that had climbed up on top of a barrel on a wagon. I was not going to climb up there and chase a chicken in the rain (not to mention the lightning) so I left it where it was all night, Still there this morning, so I guess the chicken didn’t care. I suppose the coyotes and other wild beasts were smart enough to stay out of the rain.…on to an entirely different matter. My computer (at  home) has been unable to access the internet for three days now ! It’s more than enough to piss off the Pope ! I called Tech Support at the cable company and they checked their stuff and all seemed well. Sweetous computer is working fine. The modem appears to be ok. The Tech Support guy thinks it’s probably the router, I tried plugging into one of the unused outlets on the router, but still no internet. When I get a chance, I will try using a different piece of ethernet cable. If that doesn’t work I think I’ll use a hammer, perhaps I’ll reformat the hard drive before I try the hammer.