Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail – I guess I’ll put in a good word for Microsoft. A lot of people are critical of the company, and I’m sure they have their faults, but I have been using this for the past couple weeks and I really like it. Live Mail is a huge improvement over the old hotmail and is also better than Outlook or Outlook Express. I prefer it over the new Yahoo mail too. I still like gmail, but Live Mail is tied for first place in my preferences. I like the Windows Live Favorites too.

Capitalism at it’s finest….

Loan Shark companies preying on the military

These people are not only grossly immoral, they are also a threat to national security. Congress ought to pass legislation to put the creeps out of business at once ! But, our current government is way to pro-business to take any serious action like that. Since Congress is not likely to do the right thing; the Installation Commanders where these places are located ought to put them off-limits and post guards to ensure compliance !

In addition to taking action against the loan sharks, perhaps Congress should give the Military a pay raise of sufficient magnitude to quell any desire by the troops to consort with the local loan sharks.

Seven Dealy Sins Quiz

Sweetous and I went to a potluck dinner with people from church at John’s house this evening. We had a good time, and will start having study group again in a couple weeks. So, now I am checking relaxing on my computer before bed. I sometimes say that I am an “expert sinner”. Being as old as I am, I’ve had lots of practice. The Seven Deadly Sins provides an interesting framework for analyzing all sorts of human behavior. Many things we would usually think of as “good” are actually not so good. An example would be Capitalism. Most people think of Capitalism as a good thing, and to be honest; one must aknowledge that we get many benefits from it. However, Capitalism is all about accumulating wealth; which is greed. Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

So, this evening I saw a quiz to find my favorite sin. I usually think it would be Lust, or Wrath because I tend to be very impatient and I can’t keep my eyes off the women. According to this quiz…

I am a SLACKER !

Greed: Medium

Gluttony: Medium

Wrath: Low

Sloth: Medium

Envy: Low

Lust: Low

Pride: Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

notes for tuesday evening…

I found the coolest software today. Cool in a retro novelty sense, not that it would be terribly useful today (IMHO). I downloaded the original spreadsheet software ! VisiCalc ! I have actually never used it, but I used Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS a long time ago.

Another good one is Windows Live Favorites, a bookmarking site with a very nice look and feel. An interesting aspect of this site is that it uses both tags and folders. I like it, but is still my favorite tagging site.

You can see screen pictures and other pics at my Picasa Web Albums.


monday evening…

Today was my first day back at work after almost two weeks vacation. We went to the Michigan UP to visit Sweetous’ parents for their golden anniversary. It was a gawd awful long drive, but we enjoyed our stay there and her parents were quite happy to see everyone. All the siblings were there. I was expecting a terrible mess waiting on my desk when I returned, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had work waiting for me, but nothing overwhelming.

notes about the temptation of Christ

Reading the story in Matthew 4:1-11 when Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. Each time the Devil tempted him, Jesus responded by referring to scripture. Of course the scriptures should be our guide in life, especially when we are facing temptations.

However, it is also interesting to note that Satan also quoted Psalm 91 when he told Jesus that God would send the Angels to protect him. It seems that those who quote scripture are not always speaking for God. Perhaps scripture alone is not enough. What else might we need ? Continue reading

sunday morning…

We are back home now after our trip to Michigan and PA. I did some web surfing last nite and will leave for church in a couple minutes. All is well except that my USB stick crashed and now I shall have to reconstruct my checkbook ! No more USB sticks for me, damnit !


thursday notes…

We departed Yooperland on Tuesday at 0800 hoping to arrive in DuBois PA very early Wednesday morning. Such was not to be, blowing a tire on the Ohio Turnpike caused an overnight stay in Ohio. I got new tires at Wal-Mart and we resumed travel at noon on Wednesday. We arrived in DuBois about 1800 hours Wednesday.
Continue reading

the big day…

Today we had the 50th Anniversary celebration for Sweetous’ parents. Just a low key sort of thing: family, friends, people from neighborhood and church. There was some food left over and someone knew a family who could put it to good use; which is a good thing, rather than throwing it out or overeating trying to get rid of it.

– Dennis

expedition to yooperland…

…visiting Sweetous’ parents in the remote backcountry of the Michigan UP. we left Tues nite and 6:00 pm and with three of us driving non top (except for brief breaks) we arrived at 5:00pm Wednesday ! GAWD ! what a drive ! The drive was long, but actually went very well, no heavy traffic or anything like that. Continue reading

weekend from hell…

….seems as though Murphy’s Law was being enforced with great rigor and enthusiasm this weekend ! Unfortunately I found it necessary to utter lengthy and loud profane oaths on several occasions. Some say I was even observed to be foaming at the mouth ! Continue reading

weekend update…

It’s sunday morning, I’m working on a spreadsheet and doing some web surfing. Sweetous and I have been so busy ! She is trying to get caught up on her school work before we leave for our road trip to Michigan. That effort has been hobbled by problems with our ISP !

Sweetous got her license renewed yesterday, just in time ! Last night I went to the ER with Piglette. She has been having a lot of problems with colds / allergy type stuff. The doctor gave her some sudafed.

OK, now I gotta go help Sweetous clean and get the wash done !

Welcome to | Your source for swapping paperback books for FREE!

Welcome to | Your source for swapping paperback books for FREE!

I  found this site a couple days ago and joined. This morning I listed nine books and I have shipped five of them already ! You join and then list books. When someone wants your books, you  send it to them free at your expense, you get a credit to order a book everytime you send one ! How cool is that !!

tuesday evening…

I’m tired tonite but much better than yesterday evening. I don’t know what hit me, but I was dead dog tired all day yesterday and went to bed at 6:30 pm, slept ’til 4:00 am this morning. I did have good days at work though, both yesterday and today were very productive ! I am right well pleased !

I am reading a book “The Corporation” which is quite interesting albeit also depressing. The ubiquity of evil comes as no surprise, but dwelling on it tends to be depressing. In a nutshell, a corporation is a structure for people to band together and avoid the consequences of their misbehavior. This structure is endowed by the law with the rights of an actual person. The author analyses the corporation using the psychological concept of the Psychopath. A Psychopath is a person who may be very smart and even charming but has the morals of a snake; their only concern is their own welll being. Under the law a CEO is bound to act in the best interests of the corporation and disregard all other interests. CEO’s often compartmentalize their lives and wreak havoc on the environment, outsource operations to third world sweatshops while posing as good Christian family oriented people. They’re not really posing, they actually beleive they are not doing wrong. They say, it is their job.

Sounds to me like a hollow excuse, following orders is not an acceptable excuse for doing evil.

sunday evening…

strange sighting of the day: saw a man at Borders wearing a BDU camouflage skirt !

LOL ! Went to Borders this afternoon where in addition to a fine selection of reading material there were also many fine looking women lurking about amongst the books. Additionally there was one man wearing a BDU camouflage skirt. Very strange indeed. Continue reading

saturday morning…

I was up bright and early this morning on account of the call of the bladder as well as the call of my micro-dogs. The dogs were all over me in bed, so I got up and we all went out. So, then I figured I would surf the web whilst I drank coffee. No such luck ! My modem had that little flashing light ! Comcast let me down again, damnit ! One of these days I will talk Sweetous into letting me switch us to FIOS.

So, instead I finished the book I was reading and then took a shower. When I finished the shower the server was working again, so here I am. I learned a bit about WordPress this morning through trial and error. I made a Page with my links by cutting and pasting some script from my other blog. Cool ! Well, I suppose a major geek would say it was just routine, but I’m just an amature geek LOL !


what’s in a name ?

Who or what is “Dionysius” ?

I chose Dionysius as my user name because my name is Dennis. However, there is already another Dennis somewhere on WordPress. So, I chose Dionysius which is the Greek form of Dennis. As you can see their were quite a few philosophers and mystics with that name, and philosophy and religion are subjects that interest me.


friday afternoon !

I was getting bored at work this afternoon, so I started this blog. I already have two blogs, so one would think I don’t need another one. However, I like to try out various stuff on the web, and I’ve been thinking about WordPress for a while now. So here I am with a brand new blog !

But I don’t want to miss my train, so gotta go now !


The Way

I don’t really identify with either the Republicans of Democrats.  I’m not Socialist or Capitalist. In some ways I am very conservative, in other ways downright radical.  As I say, I am eclectic. I think my strongest identity is with Jesus Christ and the Church, although I can’t claim to be a saint by any stretch. Anyway, I was surfing the web and found this page on a philosophy called Distributism. This really rocks ! It’s a Christian philosophy that seems to me to try and follow the teachings of Christ very closely.

Of course like every other philosophy I can’t buy into it completely. For me, the biggest problem is in the emphasis on peace. Not that I am against peace, but until Christ comes again; I think we need to have (and use) a strong military to keep the peace. In any case they advocate a way of life that would require a lot of adjusting from an American  “middle class” retired military Baby Boomer. But it is a good philosophy to hold up as an ideal.