...a busy day at work, but I did get a lot done. I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. I started reading a book about ADD today.  LOL, really fascinating. It seems like I am reading a specification on how to build a working model of me ! OK, now I finished helping Sweetous with … Continue reading notes….


I was up early and went to church this morning, Sweetous stayed in bed. After church, I helped Sweetous with her stuff for a while and then went to Sears to get a new battery for Sweetous' Rav4; also had some keys made for the Rav4 and Sweetous' parents. Then to Borders for a while … Continue reading notes…..

sunday evening…

We were up bright an early this morning to take Sweetous' Parents to the airport for their trip. Real easy drive getting there, but inside was rather chaotic. I remember when I was a young soldier, I would goto the airport on a Friday evening, buy a stand-by ticket to go home, and return Sunday evening … Continue reading sunday evening… ...a social bookmarking website for the Bible. Sort of like but I think it needs some tweaking 'cause it's a little awkward to use. Or perhaps it's not awkward at all and I just have to learn more about how it works. I signed up for it, so I will soon find out. … Continue reading