A startling experience…

Well, hell ! Just a few minutes ago I was sitting here at my computer, minding my own business, surfing the web. Anyway there is a light right over my head; the glass cover for the light came off and fell on my head !

Thanks be to God, nobody was hurt signifigantly ! It was a very startling experience though ! I did see some blood on my hand (tiny bit) and Sweetous checked me out and found a tiny nick on the top of my head. Doesn’t hurt at all though. Funny how so much blood can come from such a small cut.

Turned out to be a fairly busy day. After breakfast I went to Best Buy and Borders. Later on Sweetous called me and I had to go meet her and buy a marble top chessboard table ! The stuff women buy !

an update…..

….good job ! I went to bed at a decent hour last night and was up bright and early at 6:00 this morning ! I have been hanging doing some browsing on the web and I downloaded some stuff from MSDN, also listening to music. Puppy is here with me, and I am nearly finished with my 2nd cup of coffee. Soon, will be time for the manly breakfast !

saturday morning…

…stayed up too late last night !

I just finished helping Sweetous with her stuff, so now will likely go have breakfast, or more accurately: brunch.  Then we will probably go shipping or walking around for a while.

I started reading a book about ADD yesterday.  Fascinating, ’cause it is like reading a specification on how to build a working model of me ! LOL !



…a busy day at work, but I did get a lot done. I’m feeling much better today than yesterday.

I started reading a book about ADD today.  LOL, really fascinating. It seems like I am reading a specification on how to build a working model of me !

OK, now I finished helping Sweetous with her paper, so now I shall lurk and prowl in the dark corners of cyberspace…

Down in the doldrums….

I feel like hell today, for no explicable reason ! I went to bed early last night, and had breakfast this morning, with coffee. Therefore, I ought not to feel like hell, but I do.

Nothing real specific, stiff and sore all over and a feeling of weakness and a generalized lack of stamina and motivation!  In my mind I feel like a tap on the shoulder or a gentle breeze could knock me over. But this is actually not true, because I walked over to Panera a got a sandwich which I am eating now.

A brief excerpt from Psalm 22 is a graphic portrayal of my present state…

I am poured out like water,and all my bones are out of joint; my heart is like wax; It has melted within me. My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue clings to my jaws;You have brought me to the dust of death.

Oh well, I sure I’ll feel better tomorrow.


I took the Inlaws to BWI today. They are flying back to Yooperland from whence they came. They had a good time here with us, and on their Hawaii cruise, the only exception being the delayed flights on Monday. I took most of Monday off work and half of today for going to and from BWI ! So, tomorrow, perhaps I can get some work done. Actually I am not at all bogged down right now, which is good. Of course I could always use more time to devote to packing up old files for storage.

It’s getting colder out now, I wonder how the winter will be; as it seems to be cooler now than it was this time last year. In any case, it sure beats the 100 degree muggy stuff from late July and August.

Hurry up and wait….

I went to BWI to get the Inlaws at 9:30. I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally I checked with the airline, the flight had been canceled. I was told they would be in at 1:30. I figured there was no sense driving an hour back to work, stay an hour, and then return to BWI. So, I waited. At first the wait was not too bad. I ate some junk food, walked around. There were lots of women to look at, and I finished half of a book. But, it eventually took it’s toll, I was getting tired. I waited. They were not on the 1:30 flight ! I checked with the airline, and was told they had been changed to another later flight. Much later, 7:00 pm ! BALLS and HELL ! So, I figured I was already committed to wait it all out. I waited, walked around, read my book and gawked at women. The 7:00 pm flight arrived at 8:00 pm.


I was up early and went to church this morning, Sweetous stayed in bed. After church, I helped Sweetous with her stuff for a while and then went to Sears to get a new battery for Sweetous’ Rav4; also had some keys made for the Rav4 and Sweetous’ parents. Then to Borders for a while ! Borders will soon have competition ’cause they are opening a Barnes and Noble at the FSK mall. I can’t wait

LB and Steve were over this afternoon painting for us. I think Sweetous told them we would get new tires for the Mustang. We had pizza and subs for dinner. Now, I’m listening to music and lurking on the internet. Sweetous is doing her paper again; I suppose I will have to go over it later

Fiber optics and files….

I got up early this morning ’cause I’me getting fiber optics installed at the house today ! They don’t give you a time, they give a window. My window of opportunity is 8-5 today. There is a men’s breakfast at church this morning too. I think I’ll goto that but I suspect that I’ll have to leave early.

Yesterday was very hectic at work. I worked on some spreadsheets, but ended up file stalking again. Seems that people suddenly want to find those forgotton or misplaced files.  I found quite few of them and I prepared several boxes of high interest stuff for shipment to the archives. What would really be good is if the Office Manager decided to get rid of all the old computers, parts, and peripherals that litter the back rooms and hallways of my building ! That would make file stalking much less onerous. That is not a high priority thing though.

friday wrap up…

It was a hectic day at the office. I spent a good part of the day stalking misplaced files. I found several of the most sought after ones and I prepared several boxes of “special interest” files for shipment to long term storage.

Sweetous, LB, and I went to an Italian place for dinner. Sweetous and LB went to the Home Store and bought some stuff too. They are downstairs painting the kitchen now. I am upstairs surfing the web. I’m not delicate as they are; if I was painting, there would be paint splatter all over the place. So, I get to websurf.

Puppy is on the chair beside me with her bone. I give her random pettings as I prowl around the web.

Tomorrow is men’s breakfast at church. I told the Pastor I would go, but I will probably have to leave early ’cause I am having fiber optics installed in my house tomorrow. They wont give me a time, so I have to be ready for them all day ’til they come. I am looking forward to fiber optics.

Busy dat at work….

….really busy at work today, but I did get some of what I had planned finished. However I did have several interruptions and for most of the afternoon I did file stalking. After work I went to Chicken out and had a turkey & havrti sandwich and then to Borders to gawk at the women and look at books. Wait, I gawked at women on the train, I just looked at books while I was in Borders.

I notice that I have been getting a lot of spam comments in this blog and in my other blog. I like SPAM from a can but I don’t much care for a whole page of links for porn or viagra. Speaking of viagra, I read a post in another blog this morning that starts out like this “yes, that’s right, I said FOUR HOURS!”  Read the post, it is hilarious ! From what I read though, the side effects of this stuff are not to be taken lightly.

sunday evening…

We were up bright an early this morning to take Sweetous’ Parents to the airport for their trip. Real easy drive getting there, but inside was rather chaotic. I remember when I was a young soldier, I would goto the airport on a Friday evening, buy a stand-by ticket to go home, and return Sunday evening on time. I sure wouldn’t try that today !

This afternoon we went to a huge outlet center, walked around all over the place ! I bought a book: The Gospel Reloaded by Chris Seay. This will be added to my line-up of books to read. I suppose I should do less web surfing and more reading.

Sweetous and Piglette each bought some jewelry. Yes, I spent like $600.00 on little tiny bling blings ! Oh well, that got me points with the Woman and Piglette !

Left to my own devices, I would never spend that much on tiny tiny bling blings. I mean they are pretty, but they have no actual usefulness ! I could buy a bunch of clothes or food for that, a set of tires. I saw some stuff in the store that was in the multi-thousands range ! Hell, I could get a new transmission and a damn fine computer for that kind of money ! Very strange the things people willl spend money on.

saturday evening…

…and uneventful day. I stayed up too late Friday lurking around on IRC, but I did get up at 7:00 anyway ’cause I had stuff to do. I got the oil changed in Piglette’s car and had a manly breakfast. I was too tired to goto Borders or anything so I went back home. I took a nap and later helped Sweetous with her stuff, and messed around on my computer.

Tomorrow, bright and early we must take Sweetous’ parents to BWI. They are going on a cruise to Hawaii !


thursday afternoon…

I was up way past midnite last nite and I am tired. We went to get Sweetous’ parents at the airport, and then I surfed the web when we got back. I had asked for today off work, so that was a good thing. Actually today was a productive day; I completed two jobs from work that I had brought home. Excellent !


wednesday evening…

I learned a little more about wordpress today, I like the tabs. Maby I’ll learn how to change colors. I like this template, but would prefer all grays and white rather than blue. But I like the tabs, and the minimalist approach. The only other thing I would do is make it just a bit wider.

Busy at work again, which of course is good. Tonite we must goto BWI and get Sweetous’ parents. They will visit us a few days and then go on a cruise. They dont get in ’til 11:00 PM though ! Continue reading