Busy dat at work….

….really busy at work today, but I did get some of what I had planned finished. However I did have several interruptions and for most of the afternoon I did file stalking. After work I went to Chicken out and had a turkey & havrti sandwich and then to Borders to gawk at the women and look at books. Wait, I gawked at women on the train, I just looked at books while I was in Borders.

I notice that I have been getting a lot of spam comments in this blog and in my other blog. I like SPAM from a can but I don’t much care for a whole page of links for porn or viagra. Speaking of viagra, I read a post in another blog this morning that starts out like this “yes, that’s right, I said FOUR HOURS!”  Read the post, it is hilarious ! From what I read though, the side effects of this stuff are not to be taken lightly.