Fiber optics and files….

I got up early this morning ’cause I’me getting fiber optics installed at the house today ! They don’t give you a time, they give a window. My window of opportunity is 8-5 today. There is a men’s breakfast at church this morning too. I think I’ll goto that but I suspect that I’ll have to leave early.

Yesterday was very hectic at work. I worked on some spreadsheets, but ended up file stalking again. Seems that people suddenly want to find those forgotton or misplaced files.  I found quite few of them and I prepared several boxes of high interest stuff for shipment to the archives. What would really be good is if the Office Manager decided to get rid of all the old computers, parts, and peripherals that litter the back rooms and hallways of my building ! That would make file stalking much less onerous. That is not a high priority thing though.