Hurry up and wait….

I went to BWI to get the Inlaws at 9:30. I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally I checked with the airline, the flight had been canceled. I was told they would be in at 1:30. I figured there was no sense driving an hour back to work, stay an hour, and then return to BWI. So, I waited. At first the wait was not too bad. I ate some junk food, walked around. There were lots of women to look at, and I finished half of a book. But, it eventually took it’s toll, I was getting tired. I waited. They were not on the 1:30 flight ! I checked with the airline, and was told they had been changed to another later flight. Much later, 7:00 pm ! BALLS and HELL ! So, I figured I was already committed to wait it all out. I waited, walked around, read my book and gawked at women. The 7:00 pm flight arrived at 8:00 pm.