Glare !

I went to Comp USA at lunch time to look at the Laptops and stuff. Anyway, I walked by the big screen TV's and there was one with a video playing of people doing sex ! It wasn't the real explicit XXX type thing with close-up views of specific body parts in action, but I … Continue reading Glare !

an update….

I woke up this morning and it felt like I was still partially numb from the novacaine yesterday.  I got dressed and let the micro-dogs out 'cause they like their morning frolic in the yard. I suppose they gotta pis too. Anyway, Sweetous came downstairs and told me that my face was swelled up ! … Continue reading an update….


I've not noticed any fuse box dawrves around, but something did get into my computer Sunday night ! I tried to log-on yesterday and I cannot get anything to happen. I can see the lights that indicate the machine is on, and some disk drive noise, other than that --- NOTHING ! And, I do … Continue reading notes….


I had a good day at work today, kept busy but was not overwhelmed; worked on a couple spreadsheets and boxed up some old files to ship out. Last week I was at the dentist and she prepared a tooth for a cap and put a temporary cap on it. Last night the tooth started … Continue reading notes….


I had an easy day at work today, completed a couple spreadsheets and packed a couple boxes of files. This evening we went out for dinner and then to the mall: me, Sweetous, Piglette, and Mike. As old as I am and with my extensive experience with females, I should have known better than to … Continue reading friday…