Glare !

I went to Comp USA at lunch time to look at the Laptops and stuff. Anyway, I walked by the big screen TV’s and there was one with a video playing of people doing sex ! It wasn’t the real explicit XXX type thing with close-up views of specific body parts in action, but I do think it was a bit too much for a retail store !

Back to the PC’s. I have noticed for the past year or so that almost all the Laptops I see in Best Buy or anywhere else have displays that could be used as mirrors ! What’s up with that ? Seems to be a glaring defect if you ask me ! But I guess the vendors think of it as a feature !  I cannot stand to look into a computer screen and see anything that is behind me, or to see my face !! Ridiculous ! I may buy a Lenovo ’cause I see they have laptops available that do not glare !

an update….

I woke up this morning and it felt like I was still partially numb from the novacaine yesterday.  I got dressed and let the micro-dogs out ’cause they like their morning frolic in the yard. I suppose they gotta pis too. Anyway, Sweetous came downstairs and told me that my face was swelled up ! So I looked in the mirror and noted that my face is indeed swollen ! BALLS ! HELL ! So, hopefully this will rectify itself before the day is out ! Otherwise I suppose I may have a problem brewing deep in the darkest recesses of of my jaw.

Feeling lovely….

Well, I am feeling mellow this evening, yes very mellow indeed ! I went to the Dentist today so she could finish my root canal that she started on Monday. Monday was pretty easy, but today was downright traumatic ! The worst part was some sort of solution she put in there which burned like the fires of hell !

When she was finished, I figured I deserved a treat, so I requested an Rx for Codein/Tylenol. I figured she would probably tell me to just take a motrin or something, but she gave me the Rx ! So, now the novacaine is wearing off, but that’s ok. ‘Cause I am feeling just lovely ! I took 2 hits of the Codein and 2 motrins too. So now, let us relax for a while.

Keys, pills and a root canal…

well, it’s been an interesting monday !

Sweetous lost my keys last night and we were not able to find them this morning, she hopes to find them this afternoon. So, I rode with Sweetous this morning and a co-worker was already there and let me in the building. Then I try to open my office door and someone had locked it ! Hell, I don’t even have a key for that. Most of the other offices don’t have locks, I’m not even sure if the office manager has a key for my office door ! Fortunately, another co-worker is skilled in breaking & entering and she opened my door with an old credit card. Excellent Continue reading

Excellent !

It’s really nice outside today, and supposed to get in the ’70’s. I made it a point to go on a walk this morning, took a long loop from my office to Panera and to my office again — about a 40 minute walk. Excellent ! I need to do that more often. So, now I’ll work a spreadsheet and pack some files up to dispatch to the outer darkness. My brakes are fixed and my computer is working ! Excellent !


I’ve not noticed any fuse box dawrves around, but something did get into my computer Sunday night ! I tried to log-on yesterday and I cannot get anything to happen. I can see the lights that indicate the machine is on, and some disk drive noise, other than that — NOTHING ! And, I do have a firewall ! BALLS & HELL ! I guess I’ll take it to the Geek Squad after work this evening. Continue reading

Sunday update…..

…a somewhat busy weekend. Friday nite I lurked and prowled in the dark corners and back alleys of cyberspace.

Yesterday, I drove young Piglette to Bethesda to take the GRE. It was a pain in the buttocks finding the building,  and HELL !  the restrooms in the hallway were all locked ! So, then I drove to my office which was nearby and did my thing. Then I checked my email and someone was searching for a file, so I looked around in the dark corners and obscure piles of stuff in the building but was not able to find it. I suppose I’ll look somemore on Monday. Later that day, Sweetous and I went grocery shopping.

Today I went to church and then took Sweetous’ car to Sears for an oil change. Then I went to Borders for a while.  They are building a Barnes and Noble in the Mall, looks like it will be ready in about a month. That will be cool, a Borders and a Barnes and Noble within sight of each other. So, now some web surfing and later to bed.

Virgins, sheep, goats, slaves, masters…

Yikes !

Hey everyone, how’s that for an attention getting title ?

It’s getting colder now. This morning I put the micro dogs outside and I did not have to go out there and coax them back into the house; they were waiting impatiently at the door in only about five minutes. I’m having a nice easy Friday at work and perhaps I will sneak out early when no one is looking

Actually, I have my own office and most of the time I’m the only one in the building. So, it’s likely that no one would notice anyway. Although I daresay that if I disappeared, people would most certainly notice because I am the Spreadsheet Wizard and the Guardian of the Archives. My job mostly consists of spreadsheet data entry and maintenace, records managment, and helping non-geeks to turn on their PC’s, print and other such stuff. Mostly I like it, but sometimes it gets tedious. The worst part is if several people are in a panic to get something done simultaneously; that can be a real pain in the ass, but it usually doesn’t happen t hat way.

OK, what about those virgins,sheep, goats, slaves, and masters ? Sounds kinky doesn’t it ?

Well, you can read all about it right here. Go ahead, do it ! It’s a good read.



I had a good day at work today, kept busy but was not overwhelmed; worked on a couple spreadsheets and boxed up some old files to ship out.

Last week I was at the dentist and she prepared a tooth for a cap and put a temporary cap on it. Last night the tooth started to bother me some. Today it was a bit more bothersome, not intense yet. But, I know from past experience that these things only get worse, they don’t get better. So I called the dental office and was able to get in this afternoon. The dentist poked around some and gave me an antibiotic. Now, I’m scheduled for a root canal in two weeks. Nothing like a good root canal

I was observing my micro-dogs and noted that the smallest of the small, Puppy is able to intimidate Roxanne and Penny by agressively posturing and growling at them. Each of the other two dogs is twice her size ! I think Puppy probably feels insecure and figures she better take control of the situation, or else. It is fiunny to see the two bigger dogs scurry away when she growls at them.

big green snot pills…

I have sinus congestion frequently and I am a regular user of big green snot pills which I find to be very effective. There are many brand names for them but Sudafed is the best known. The efficacious ingredient is pseudoephedrine.

I have noted that over the past year or so they are getting harder to find because the drug companies are marketing a different medication, often using the same brand name. Buying the real thing (psuedoephedrine) is getting to be a pain in the ass…. Continue reading


I had an easy day at work today, completed a couple spreadsheets and packed a couple boxes of files. This evening we went out for dinner and then to the mall: me, Sweetous, Piglette, and Mike. As old as I am and with my extensive experience with females, I should have known better than to take two women to the mall ! We spent about $170.00 yikes !

I found a cool site from microsoft with nice aerial views. The thumbnail above is a screenshot of my house about a year ago; new roof is in place, trees are down, Steve’s old Behomoth is in the driveway. So go check out Live Local !


monday evening…

I was in a nice mellow mood ’til I read this story about another school shooting. Lord have mercy, it seems like all Hell is breaking loose, and one would never think it would happen at an Amish school.

Anyway, I had a very hectic but productive day at work. I didn’t have any spreadsheets to work on today so I was able to tend to the inexhaustable supply of old files to be archived. This is good.

Let us hope and pray for a peacful night and tomorrow.