Virgins, sheep, goats, slaves, masters…

Yikes !

Hey everyone, how’s that for an attention getting title ?

It’s getting colder now. This morning I put the micro dogs outside and I did not have to go out there and coax them back into the house; they were waiting impatiently at the door in only about five minutes. I’m having a nice easy Friday at work and perhaps I will sneak out early when no one is looking

Actually, I have my own office and most of the time I’m the only one in the building. So, it’s likely that no one would notice anyway. Although I daresay that if I disappeared, people would most certainly notice because I am the Spreadsheet Wizard and the Guardian of the Archives. My job mostly consists of spreadsheet data entry and maintenace, records managment, and helping non-geeks to turn on their PC’s, print and other such stuff. Mostly I like it, but sometimes it gets tedious. The worst part is if several people are in a panic to get something done simultaneously; that can be a real pain in the ass, but it usually doesn’t happen t hat way.

OK, what about those virgins,sheep, goats, slaves, and masters ? Sounds kinky doesn’t it ?

Well, you can read all about it right here. Go ahead, do it ! It’s a good read.