I’ve not noticed any fuse box dawrves around, but something did get into my computer Sunday night ! I tried to log-on yesterday and I cannot get anything to happen. I can see the lights that indicate the machine is on, and some disk drive noise, other than that — NOTHING ! And, I do have a firewall ! BALLS & HELL ! I guess I’ll take it to the Geek Squad after work this evening.As an add-on bonus, my car needs breaks ! I took that to Midas this morning and then walked to my office. I did enjoy the walk

There is a nice light rain falling this morning. I do need to walk more often. The way we have the family transportation logistics arranged presently, I drive to my office and Steve brings LB to my office, she then takes my car to NIH. After work I take the train / bus to the transit center and LB picks me up, I take her home, then I go home.

Prior to that arrangement I had been leaving the car at the park and ride or riding part way to work with Sweetous, and I got a walk at least a couple times a week. I should figure out a new system. The thing is that once I go in my office, the computer has a strange attraction for me; even if it’s only a spreadsheet. Once see  the computer, I find it hard to resist booting up and sitting at my desk. Anyway, I should walk more often.

Last night I read for an hour or so, then to bed. I do read fairly often, but again, I notice that the ‘puter has that “fatal attraction” . I don’t read as much as I did before I started on the computer. Of course, I have learned a lot from surfing the web, and using the ‘puter is my livliehood. Still though, the attraction of using a computer is strong (to say the least)

And, I’m not even talking about trashy web sites or sleazey chat rooms. Ive been known to go there, but I’m talking legitimate web sites, blogs etc. I love to surf the web . But, I suppose I do it too much.