Keys, pills and a root canal…

well, it’s been an interesting monday !

Sweetous lost my keys last night and we were not able to find them this morning, she hopes to find them this afternoon. So, I rode with Sweetous this morning and a co-worker was already there and let me in the building. Then I try to open my office door and someone had locked it ! Hell, I don’t even have a key for that. Most of the other offices don’t have locks, I’m not even sure if the office manager has a key for my office door ! Fortunately, another co-worker is skilled in breaking & entering and she opened my door with an old credit card. ExcellentSo, I must get multiple sets of keys made, and keep the car keys separate from my building key, and keep the sets in various locations. I took care of the office door by taping the door knob so the lock is disabled.

Moving right along, I am hyper as hell right now ’cause I took an asthma pill with ephedrine in it. I had left my sudafed at home, and these pills which I bought a while back at a truck stop will function as a decongestant as well as an asthma remedy or sleep deflector. They also work well as nervous energy enhancers.

I’m eating my last meal right now….

I am getting a root canal this afternoon, so it will be my last meal for a while anyway.