Glare !

I went to Comp USA at lunch time to look at the Laptops and stuff. Anyway, I walked by the big screen TV’s and there was one with a video playing of people doing sex ! It wasn’t the real explicit XXX type thing with close-up views of specific body parts in action, but I do think it was a bit too much for a retail store !

Back to the PC’s. I have noticed for the past year or so that almost all the Laptops I see in Best Buy or anywhere else have displays that could be used as mirrors ! What’s up with that ? Seems to be a glaring defect if you ask me ! But I guess the vendors think of it as a feature !  I cannot stand to look into a computer screen and see anything that is behind me, or to see my face !! Ridiculous ! I may buy a Lenovo ’cause I see they have laptops available that do not glare !