ORIENS: Should Catholics blog?

ORIENS: Should Catholics blog?

Let me make a quick comment on this article. The author is highly critical of blogs and the internet in general; his criticisms are valid and worth heeding. However, in the final analysis I cannot agree with him because blogs and the internet are useful communications tools. It is true that the medium does influence the message, but ultimately blogs and the internet are tools. They are not good or bad in themselves, their goodness or badness are the result of what they are used for; the content determines quality.


tuesday morning…

I went for a walk this morning before work. I like to walk, but I don’t do it often enough. If  I did it more often, I am sure it would do me a world of good.  Yesterday evening I tried doing the pilates DVD I bought on Saturday. OMG !  I really wasn’t able to do it ! Just kind of half assed ! I need to work on getting rid of my pseudo beer belly ! (I say “pseudo” because I actually don’t drink)

OK, back to my spreadsheet !

out of shape !

Yikes, I am more out of shape than I realized ! I tried doing the pilates DVD I bought yesterday, and could not do the moves very well at all , and I was wore out when I finished !

I’ll have to work on getting into better condition.


Sunday Evening

I think I’ll start posting here again…

I’m sitting at my desk doing some web surfing and messing around with my blogs. After church this morning I went to the Costco and the Mall, and Wal-Mart. So I was shopping. I bought a Pilates DVD and a mat, and some stuff for Sweetous. Then I helped her with some of her stuff. Now, relxing before bed.


Comments on Isaiah 55

One   of my favorite scriptures is   chapter   55 in Isaiah   .   I’m not sure what the meanings of Isaiah’s words would have been to his   contemporaries, but for Christians this chapter contains some real gems. The   chapter opens with an invitation to grace; for those who are hungry and   thirsty to come eat and drink. 

 Ho, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you that have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen carefully to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food.

This makes me think of Jesus; He refers to Himself as the “Bread of Life” in   John   chapter 6 and in   John   Chapter 4 , He tells us that he is “Living Water”. Continue reading

tuesday lunch time…

I’m at work today, but things are fairly slow at the moment. I spent the morning alternating between a spreadsheet, messing with my blogs, and writing an essay on Isaiah 55 which is one of my favorites. Then I got brain fatigue and so far have not finished it.  I plan on publishing it here and on helium when I finish it. I guess for now, I will release what I have on google docs. You can read the unfinished piece here.

Earlier this morning I had a sudden compulsion to eat sweets, so I went over to 7-eleven and got a box of malted milk balls: I ate the whole box ! I don’t know what posessed me to do such a thing ! I’m sure to crash later.

Tomorrow we will go on a road trip to visit my Parents in DuBois, PA.  So, either tonight or in the morning I will have to put the dogs in the kennel. I hate doing that, but I can’t do a road trip with three rowdy micro-dogs. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

weekend wrap up…

Saturday, I had breakfast shopping with Sweetous, and then we went shopping. Yikes, we had LB with us too ! We had pizza for supper and then watched a video. I actually cannot recall what we bought, but I know we spent too much money ! Hell we did it again today too !

I was in church this morning with Sweetous and the Pastor was really dragging out his sermon; walking around and just jabbering. I was fidgeting. Anyway this got me to thinking that may be one of the reasons I prefer liturgical or charismatic worship over the more sermon oriented services we have been having. In the Liturgy the people have an active part to play and of course Charismatic worship is also more active.

Random notes….

After helping Sweetous clean the house I went out lurking and prowling. I had a manly breakfast at Perkins and then went and looked around Costco. I saw that they were doing flu shots and there was not a line; I jumped right on that and got my flu shot today. I could get it at the Navy Hospital but I keep forgetting to go do it, so when I saw that I figured for a mere $18.00 I better go for it ! Then, on to Borders to look at books and women.

I bought a book, Creepers by David Morrell and started reading it. This one is a good one so  far. It is about a group of illicit explorers prowling around an abandoned Hotel. Urban exploring is pretty cool. I could get into it big time except that I am a fairly cautious person. I do like to prowl around, but this would be X-treme Lurking and Prowling.

an update…..

It’s been a fairly easy day at work, but I may come in tomorrow to get some boxes of files ready to be archived. In any case I will need to move some files out of here. Today is very nice and warm, just like yesterday, maybe the trees will get blossoms. Now that would be strange, blossoms in november. So, this afternoon I will take the train from work to Frederick and Sweetous and I will go out for dinner and then probably shopping. I shall have to make sure I leave here on time so I don’t have to run a sprint to catch the train. I am too old to do sprints !

an update…..

I probably won’t go get any lunch ’cause LB wants us to go out after work for dinner ’cause Sweetous & Steve are both working late. Of course, it is also raining and cold. Another reason to stay at my desk is that I am dead dog tired ! I was up ’til 11:00 last night which in and of itself is not too bad, but in addition to that; all three of the micro-dogs thought that last night would be a good time to act like total fools ! Continue reading