an update…..

I probably won’t go get any lunch ’cause LB wants us to go out after work for dinner ’cause Sweetous & Steve are both working late. Of course, it is also raining and cold. Another reason to stay at my desk is that I am dead dog tired ! I was up ’til 11:00 last night which in and of itself is not too bad, but in addition to that; all three of the micro-dogs thought that last night would be a good time to act like total fools !

Yes, the dogs were cavorting and carrying on all over the bed most of the night ! They were barking, growling and biting each other too. Bad, bad dogs ! Oh well, I love them anyway. I might have to make them sleep in the kitchen if they don’t straighten up ! Sweetous even talked me into taking them outside at about 2:00 AM, but they just went out and barked a couple minutes and then came in and raised more hell in bed ! Perhaps they need Ritalin or something.

I’ve been messing around with this cool software. ThinkFree Online is an office suite that can do a lot of stuff that the other office suite, the one by Bill Gates & Co. does, but ThinkFree does it for free, and online ! So, you have your applications software and storage all right there and you can access it from any computer. They also allow you to publish documents to ThinkFree and to your own blog as well. It’s different from some other apps that publish to blogs ’cause this one uses attachments of your ThinkFree document rather than just putting it on your blog. You can see an example here at my other blog.