Random notes….

After helping Sweetous clean the house I went out lurking and prowling. I had a manly breakfast at Perkins and then went and looked around Costco. I saw that they were doing flu shots and there was not a line; I jumped right on that and got my flu shot today. I could get it at the Navy Hospital but I keep forgetting to go do it, so when I saw that I figured for a mere $18.00 I better go for it ! Then, on to Borders to look at books and women.

I bought a book, Creepers by David Morrell and started reading it. This one is a good one so  far. It is about a group of illicit explorers prowling around an abandoned Hotel. Urban exploring is pretty cool. I could get into it big time except that I am a fairly cautious person. I do like to prowl around, but this would be X-treme Lurking and Prowling.